RHA driver range

The dynamic drivers used in RHA’s products are entirely developed in our research and development centre in Glasgow, UK. None of our headphones use off-the-shelf components as we believe that in order to produce outstanding audio, the drivers, materials and shape of a headphone have to work in harmony.

Our series of drivers are named to reflect their performance capabilities. From the 130.5 in the MA350 and MA450i to the handmade, flagship 560.1 driver used in the MA750 and MA750i, each driver has been carefully engineered to produce true-to-life audio.


The RHA 130 series of drivers has been developed for use with the MA200, MA350 and MA450i headphones, offering highly capable, all-round performance.

130.5 frequency chart


The RHA 320 driver series is unique to the RHA MA600 and MA600i, having been developed to deliver the best possible audio in collaboration with the headphones' aluminium housing.

320.1 frequency chart


The RHA 560 series of drivers has been designed to deliver a clear and natural sound. With high levels of spatial separation and distance, they are capable of reproducing audio with exceptional power and precision.

560.1 frequency chart

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