Design Notes: Wireless Flight Adapter

Ahead of the launch of the Wireless Flight Adapter, we sat down with Sam Prentice, Product Designer at RHA, to get his notes on the design and function of the product.

Why make a Wireless Flight Adapter?

At the heart of it, we create products to enhance users’ lives. We’ve all experienced the frustrations that come with long-haul flights and we realised that often a wired headphone on a flight doesn’t make much sense. Unfortunately, this is usually the only compatible solution with outdated in-flight entertainment systems. We think these frustrations can end with the convenience we’ve achieved with our wireless headphone range. We wanted to develop a device that makes flying more enjoyable, not only for RHA users but for all people flying with Bluetooth wireless headphones.

 What features did you set out to incorporate into the design of the Wireless Flight Adapter?

For such a small, unassuming device, the Wireless Flight Adapter packs a lot in. Battery life and connectivity were a priority - and with Bluetooth® 5.0 and a 16-hour playback time, we’re confident the Wireless Flight Adapter is perfect for any long-haul flight. Also, incorporating the mono and stereo jacks to be discreet yet accessible and keeping the user interface simple but intuitive was a priority during development.

 What were the design challenges of the Wireless Flight Adapter?

We wanted the Wireless Flight Adapter to be straightforward to use, as well as a device that fits well in your hand and feels natural. The design of the Wireless Flight Adapter is key to its intuitive functionality. The round corners and compact form offer a comfortable and easy user experience, while keeping it small enough to store away in a bag or pocket. One of our challenges was incorporating the stereo jacks without compromising this shape or functionality. To overcome this, we set the jacks on rotating pins, allowing them to sit in the optimal position for any airline seat or device, while folding away easily for safe storage.

 Does the Wireless Flight Adapter have any other uses?

While the Wireless Flight Adapter has been designed for use with airplane entertainment systems, it’s not just for travel. The Wireless Flight Adapter can be used with any device with a 3.5 mm audio input, mono or stereo. It’s perfect for pairing with portable games consoles and for bringing old hi-fi systems into the 21st century.

Thanks Sam!