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    16 — 05 — 2019
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TVs Golden Time Capsule: The Twilight Zone

We are living through a new Golden Age of Television. Many critics have claimed this started at the beginning of the millennium. Thanks to an influx in viewership spurred by technological advances and the quality of the entertainment being produced, we’ve enjoyed greats like The Wire, Breaking Bad, and soon we’ll see who takes the Iron Throne in Game of Thrones. 

However, when you hear about the Golden Age of Television, you may think we’re talking about the 1940s and 1950s, which premiered historic TV titles like I Love Lucy and Rawhide. But out of both of these glorious eras, very few shows have spanned the years. One of the few is the American TV anthology series The Twilight Zone. 

For 60 years, the original Twilight Zone has been entertaining and shocking eager audiences. It amassed a cult following through weekly stand-alone storylines based in The Twilight Zone, which is a “fifth dimension beyond that which is known to man” according to show creator, Rod Serling. 

Rod Serling was responsible for creating and narrating the show, personally penning 92 of the 156 episodes of the original five series. For the first time, the show brought macabre sci-fi, horror and fantasy to the masses, opening the door for TV series like Star Trek and Hammer House of Horror. Within each episode’s surreal storyline, a very real-life lesson can be found in the details; encouraging us to be brave; that it pays to be kind and considerate or to be careful what you wish for. While the show may have helped to point an entire generation’s moral compass in a better direction, it also established many of the recognisable concepts and tropes of today’s TV and cinema that we know and love. 

The original series ended in 1964, but Oscar-winner and director of thought-provoking horrors Get Out and Us, Jordan Peele, is at the forefront of its 2019 revival. 

With a terrifyingly fresh approach to the horror scene, Peele breathes life into a new series of The Twilight Zone. First airing on April 1st this year, The Twilight Zone is back and spookier than ever. Following the Rod Serling-tested storytelling formula, classic anthology format, and with Mr Peele taking over narrating responsibilities, this is a new Twilight Zone with modern moral lessons at its heart. We recommend you tune in to see the golden ages of television intertwine. 

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