RHA Dacamp L1 honoured with EISA Award for best portable DAC/headphone amplifier


RHA is proud to announce that the Dacamp L1 has been awarded the EISA award for “Best Product” in the category “Portable DAC/Headphone Amplifier” by the European Imaging and Sound Association. Considered one of the most important awards in specialist consumer electronics, the EISA award recognises products that combine advanced technology and desirable features with industry-leading performance.

To celebrate this prestigious award, we are offering the Dacamp L1 as well as the high-end CL1 Ceramic headphone at special award prices of £299.95 / €399.95 and £249.95 / €299.95 respectively. 

Now in their 35th year, the European Imaging and Sound Association comprises the experience and knowledge of more than 50 member magazines in over 25 countries, making it an integral part of the consumer electronics industry. Their international and independent Expert Groups evaluate the latest CE products in a rigorous and lengthy process, assessing innovation and technology to ensure that every EISA award winner is the top performer in its class.

About the Dacamp L1, EISA said: “This young company has hit the ground running with its first portable DAC and headphone amp. High quality ESS DAC chips serve up a detailed and vivid sound, and its rugged aluminium casing is one of the most stylish around. For music on the move, it’s a terrific choice.”

Launched in November 2016 as RHA’s first non-headphone product, the Dacamp L1 embodies our core values of innovation and quality. A unique composition of premium materials, cutting-edge technology and the ability to reproduce high-resolution audio allows listeners to enjoy music as close to the original recording as possible – anytime, anywhere.

Carefully machined from extruded aluminium, the Dacamp L1 combines classic hi-fi aesthetics with lightweight and durable materials for desktop and portable listening. The innovative setup features dedicated processors for each stereo channel to produce balanced, high-resolution analogue audio. This unique configuration of dual SABRE32 ES9018K2M DACs and class AB amplifiers eliminates cross-signal interference for pure, accurate audio reproduction.

Designed for ease of use and compatibility, the Dacamp L1 features tactile control dials that allow the customer to tune treble and bass response to their personal preference. Gain controls, a variety of inputs and 3.5mm and mini XLR outputs enable compatibility with a range of audio equipment. A powerful 4000mAh lithium-ion battery offers 10 hours playback and a charge out function for phones and tablets, making the Dacamp L1 a truly versatile and innovative product.

“The Dacamp L1 does not compromise on portability, aesthetic or sound and required years of development and dedication. To be rewarded with such a prestigious award is a great achievement,” said Kyle Hutchison, RHA Head of Product Design. “At RHA, we’re striving to make products that offer customers the best possible audio experience. For the Dacamp L1 to be recognised as Best Portable DAC/Headphone amp by EISA is an honour.”

RHA will be presented with the award at the EISA Awards Ceremony on the 1st September 2017 in Berlin, Germany. 

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