Design Notes: TrueConnect Colours


To celebrate the launch of the TrueConnect we spoke to RHA designer, David Keating about the philosophy behind the new colours; Cloud White and Navy Blue.

What was your thinking when coming up with the original design of the TrueConnect?

When designing the TrueConnect, we only included elements which improved the overall performance of the product. We placed an emphasis on the fundamentals – sound, battery life and comfort, with the physical construction of the earphone further enhancing performance. The stem design purposefully creates a slim, subtle profile in the ear and maximises call quality.

The motivation behind the original Carbon Black colour was to further enhance the product’s understated aesthetic. The black, rubberised coating minimises light reflection, creating a subtle and comfortable fit in the ear.

The two new colours are beautiful, why did you decide on Cloud White and Navy Blue?

We feel that Cloud White offers a distinct, lighter alternative to Carbon Black. Using neutral colours helps retain the original design intent of the earbuds.

With lighter tones, it can be challenging to retain a level of subtlety which doesn’t scream for attention. However, we think that the unassuming design coupled with the rubberised surface finish helps us achieve this.

The TrueConnect is a product which is worn, as well as used. It was for this reason that we originally used neutral, unobtrusive colours. With Navy Blue, customers now have the option of a more personal, highly wearable colour which retains an understated aesthetic in the ear.

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