The Team restore balance with some new hobbies


When Blur released Modern Life is Rubbish in 1993, they had no idea that, 27 years later, Modern Life would be confined to the indoors for about three months. Modern Life Is Boring But Stressful, maybe.

This week we’ve been looking at what the Team are doing to keep boredom and madness at bay. Balancing our brain books, feeding our zen hens, and what valuable lessons they have learned.


Jessica - Customer Hare*

*It's almost like I'm running out of hilarious, false job titles...

I have been running lots and lots and lots, trying to run up to 50k a week, in exchange for ignoring all my Duolingo notifications (sorry Duo). I can't wait to run on the hills and not THE SAME 10k every day.


Arianna - Charlotte's Publisher


If had a cat here with me I would do the same: singing songs about pasta... but I don't, so I am drawing and sketching (cats) a lot. After all this is over I hope I can keep finding time to sketch every day. It is very relaxing.

Game Development

Barry - Software (actually true)

Started looking at Unreal Engine 4, with plans on writing a hit video game. An overwhelming amount of stuff to learn... but it'll be fun! If it all goes well, I’ll be doing this for the next couple of years and become incredibly rich and powerful.


Rebecca - WRiTeR oF STYLe

Rebecca's calligraphy

It's like relearning how to write letters - much harder than you think but very satisfying and soothing once you get the hang of it. Also leaving notes for mundane things - 'Get Milk and Antibac handwash' - makes them feel so much fancier. I could turn it into a business: £3 for me to send an offensive note to someone you dislike in calligraphy.*

*This is, worryingly, the second time I've had to disclaim that Rebecca's "business plans" are not backed by RHA.

Harry Potter

John - Squib

I've been listening to the Harry Potter audiobooks. I haven’t read them since they were published. I don’t think it’ll last: I'll go back to my sadistic podcasts to recharge my sarcasm.


Chris - Adventure Tour Guide

I've been playing Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition. The rapid progression from brief spells of sun to arctic winds and wrathful storms, leads me to believe that there is also an ancient ritual required to release summer in Scotland. Also, naturally, I now know everything about archaeology.

Foam Rolling

Gavin - Senior Gav

I invested in pain with a foam roller, to feel good, apparently. What I have learned from this experience is that pain is painful. I've also learned foam has the same density and forgiving qualities as concrete.

Painting by Numbers/Singing Along To Musicals

Lorna - Tony Award Winner

I have learned that I'm not capable of painting well even when I'm being told what and where to paint. HOWEVER, I have definitely missed my calling as a Broadway star. Just don't confirm that with my neighbours.

With balance restored in the workforce we shall again turn our focus to producing THE GREATEST HEADPHONES IN THE GALAXY!

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