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Due to Everything Just Now, we’ve been listening to music even more than usual. This week, we asked the team what they’ve been listening to – and how it’s changed over the last few weeks. Here are their recommendations.

Spring has arrived, and the sun is shining (through the window). Thanks to these unusual conditions in Glasgow, and coupled with our Stay-At-Home routine, the team has been looking for a sense of normality. This week they have been emulating normal office behaviour – swapping musical recommendations, and snarking about things that they don’t like.

Dear Evan Hansen (Original Soundtrack)

Lorna, International PR and Musicals Aficionado

A modern musical that covers the themes of isolation, loss, grief, and The Internet. It's more uplifting than it sounds. Promise. The message - that we're not alone - is great for someone who's going through Lockdown without anyone around. And for when you just Feel That Way. Plus, the songs are fun to belt out. My neighbours love me.

LowFi beats

Murray, Development Engineer

A collection of chilled, non-vocal, LoFi hip hop which is great for relaxing and getting on with work. We’re doing a lot of work on upcoming projects just now, and this helps me keep my head down and stay in the zone.

Cuz I Love You - Lizzo

Rebecca, Global Partner Sales

Passion, vocals, lyrics, beats, inspiration. I listen to this because it makes me feel like a boss while I'm looking at spreadsheets, which is a very particular superpower.

Hisingen Blues – Graveyard

John, Creative Design

In one sentence, hyperkinetic songs and slowly swelling ballads. I used to listen to this a lot whilst working in university – some metal a day keeps the doctor away. It’s full of dirty guitars, and dirty vocals. Graveyard are stuck in the ‘70s (in a good way) – this genre hasn't sounded better in the modern age than it does with Graveyard.

Floss french bops

Abbey, Social Media

A playlist by artist Florence Given that sounds like you're in Monaco, it's sunny, and you're in a roofless classic car. Paired with Glasgow's new-found sunshine it ~almost~ makes me feel like I'm on holiday. Also, it doesn't distract me too much… because I don't speak French. C’est facile !

Late 90s - early 00s throwbacks

Chris, Global Ecommerce

The best of the worst! Nostalgic memories of childhood days when you could go outside in the summer weather with friends; everything you can't do now.

This is not good music. That’s why I love it.

A small sample of the musical taste to be found at RHA – from cheery to miserable, intentionally dull to hyperactive and… in French.

Let us know what you’ve been listening to!


RHA does not stand behind ‘some metal a day keeps the doctor away’ as legitimate medical advice. Stay home, stay safe.

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