The RHA Team tell us about their favourite album's


Everyone has that one album they return to again and again, like a comfortable chair, or a sweetie drawer. This week we asked the Team about their audio comfort-blankets, and Lorna's some of their choices will be reflected in their performance reviews.

Conditions – The Temper Trap

Murray, Engineering

Such an excellent collection of songs! This was the debut album for The Temper Trap, and they absolutely nailed it. Every track is really warm and vibrant, and generally make me feel like a student again!

Best track: Sweet Disposition

Songs for Drella – Lou Reed & John Cale

Arianna, Digital & Design

It’s so difficult to choose one (also very personal). Right now I would say it’s Songs for Drella. Lou Reed’s voice is so calm and direct; and John’s viola - and the piano… This album is sooooo sad, I always almost cry at the end.

Best track: Hello It’s Me

Advance and Vanquish – 3 Inches of Blood

John, Creative Design

Loud, raw, emotional, face-melting heavy metal. Screaming vocals, killer guitars and stomping drumbeats keep it going.

Best track: Deadly Sinners

Sam's Town – The Killers

Abbey, Social & Head of RHA Killers Fan Club

It was the first CD I bought myself, it's full of absolute bangers and there's something for whatever mood you're in. The more I've seen it played live, the more I love it. It's just the best, okay?

Best track: This River is Wild - it's just textbook 'The Killers' extravagance

Scouting for Girls – Scouting for Girls

Lorna, PR & SFG’s One Fan

This album and its heartbreak-songs-masked-as-happy-tunes has followed me through my uni days, breakups, late nights and hangovers, car crashes, moving country, and moving back. You can belt out the songs and you can sob to them. It's an album for every occasion, really.

Best track: Heartbeat - seeing them live and singing along loudly is a favourite moment in time.

Automatic For The People – REM

Andy, Software

Life affirming music of contrasts. Beautiful lyricism from Michael Stipe. What more do you need?

Best track: Man on the Moon

Glorious – Foxes

Lucy, Projects

The first album I bought after I learned to drive and it reminds me of sweet, sweet, freedom.

Best track: Let It Go For Tonight

Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap – AC/DC

Kyle, Product Director

My Dad is a huge AC/DC fan, he used to blast this (cassette) album out of his car when I was a kid. It was my first headbanging experience and I still, to this day and much to my annoyance, think "ooh that’s a naughty word" when I hear Ain't No Fun (the Jumbo Jet bit). Great album by a great band with loads of energy.

Best track: Problem Child

The Winter of Mixed Drinks – Frightened Rabbit

Colum, Copy Janitor

A poignant, beautiful, funny record designed to be smashed out in Glasgow pub basements and student unions. I’ve been listening to this on repeat since 2010 and it will never, ever get old.

Best track: The Loneliness and the Scream

A varied and psychologically fascinating array of records from the Team. If you’re looking for something to help you immerse yourself in your favourite sounds, we’ve got something for that.

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