We Hear You: Your Top Comedy Podcasts


We love to hear how you use audio. Recently we asked for your recommendations for the most hilarious podcasts and the results were, well, hilarious. Here’s what you had to say...

Gossip Mongers

Recommended by @haleyonelove

I laughed so much at this, I had to leave the office. Comedians David Earl, Poppy Hillstead and Joe Wilkinson barely hold it together as they take turns to spread rumours. After each episode, after deciding the top hearsay, it’s left to Poppy to propagate it by exclaiming it from the window. Season two has just become available and this time there are special guests.

My Dad Wrote a Porno

Recommended by @Malikakhanol

I’m acutely aware that this title is not suitable for work. However, followers of this series know that this show had to be here. The premise is that host Jamie Morton discovers his father wrote an adult novel, under the alias Rocky Flintstone. As any reasonable person would, he started a podcast with friends James Cooper and Alice Levine in which the trio read and thoroughly discuss a chapter of “Belinda Blinks”. Prepare to be shocked, disgusted, and completely laughed out.

Off Menu

Recommended by @Jmjenkins

Do you ever struggle to find the right restaurant? Then you should check out comedians James Acaster and Ed Gamble’s Off Menu, where even the ads are hilarious. Each week a special guest is invited to dine at this fantasy eatery (staffed, obviously, by a genie waiter) where everything is on the menu. Guests are coaxed into choosing their favourite starter, main course, side, pudding and drink - and to choose poppadoms or bread. Pandemonium ensues.

Conan O’Brien Needs a Friend

Recommended by @bestsince1994

Conan O’Brien may be American late-night TV royalty, an SNL alumni and one of the original writers for The Simpsons - but he needs a friend. So, he started a podcast. With each instalment, Conan interviews a potential new buddy in his quest for companionship. The podcast format gives Conan the chance to get deeper and more unbounded than ever before. The guests are amazing, and Conan is desperate.

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