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The Team would like to play a game


In the hours after work (or all weekend long), we’re always looking for ways to stay occupied during lockdown. We’ve heard from a lot of the Team that they’ve turned to games, from table-top to wide-s...

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Make your Voice Assistant work for you


Whether you’ve got Siri or Google Assistant, Alexa or Bixby (or even Cortana), voice assistants were designed to make your life easier. They can call your mom, set your morning alarm - they can even u...

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The Team are watching a lot of TV


Like much of the world, the Team have recently taken some time away from the outdoors to really focus on growing their relationship with film and television. This week, we asked what people were watch...

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RHA's Guide to Working Remotely


If you’re new to working remotely, it’s likely you’ll be adding the finish touches to your home office. That final desk adjustment you made this morning means you can start work for real this time! A...

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The RHA Team have opinions about music


Due to Everything Just Now, we’ve been listening to music even more than usual. This week, we asked the team what they’ve been listening to – and how it’s changed over the last few weeks. Here are the...

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Silence is Important


Silence is core to headphone design. It seems contradictory, but it's absolutely key in producing good quality audio. As an audio company, silence isn't really something you're supposed to sell. 'The...

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The RHA Team find things to do this weekend


As we adapt to life indoors, we’re finding new things to do with our time off. This week, a reminder that the Team have the long weekend over Easter was met with… mixed responses. For maybe the first...

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From the Team: Adapting to Life at Home


When is a flight adapter not a flight adapter? When we announced our Bluetooth adapter – catchily titled Wireless Flight Adapter – last summer, we did not expect that we were releasing it into a world...

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World Book Day: The Best Audiobooks for Modern Readers


It’s World Book Day and what’s better than a good book? Audiobooks of course, and we've got some recommendations to start you off. Here at RHA we are more than ready to delve into the booming industr...

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Burns Night: A New Narrative


Join us in toasting the Ploughman Poet this Burns Night with a select gathering of podcasts, showcasing the best of modern storytelling. Since 1802, the evening of the 25th of January has been celebr...

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Rhythm is a…Runner?


Now that you have procured the correct sportswear from the January sales, all that’s left is the right playlist. But how important are the tracks you choose; can they really make a difference to your...

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Anatomy of a Song: Eminem - My Name Is


Remember the 90s? It was a far simpler time, wasn't it? The internet was in its infancy, inflatable furniture was trendy and MTV was the authority on everything cool. 1999 was no exception, with every...

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Behind the Sounds: The Force Behind the Iconic Lightsaber


Our newest series: Behind the Sounds, delves into the subtleties of the most recognisable sounds in film. With the final instalment of the Skywalker saga, Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker hitting cine...

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Anatomy of a Song: The Art of Sampling


Our new journal series: “Anatomy of a Song” delves into the tracks we move to, how they were put together and their unique nuances. To kick off this new series we’re exploring the practice of sampling...

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Sound in Space: Interstellar Audio


You could say that Earth is the nuisance neighbour of our solar system. We’re the only one of the eight planets (sorry Pluto) to intentionally project messages into the great void of space. From radio...

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Sound in Space: A Voyage Through Time


We know that sound can’t physically travel through outer space. But space is far from void of all sound, technically speaking. Radio, TV and internet signals are continuously escaping earth to travel...

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5G: The Next Generation


5G - the “next generation of mobile internet” - is upon us, and it’s touted as being smarter, faster, and more attractive than our current cellular network. To give 4G its due, it did revolutionise th...

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We Hear You: Your Top Comedy Podcasts


We love to hear how you use audio. Recently we asked for your recommendations for the most hilarious podcasts and the results were, well, hilarious. Here’s what you had to say... Gossip Mongers Re...

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