Switch-ing to Bluetooth®

How to use wireless headphones with your Nintendo Switch


1. Purchase the RHA Bluetooth Adapter

  • bluetooth

    Compatible with any wireless headphones (although we have some recommendations…)

  • aptx

    Bluetooth 5 with Qualcomm® aptX™ Low Latency eliminates audio lag.

  • share

    Connect two headphones simultaneously to share audio with player 2.

  • battery

    With 16-hours battery, you’re ready for marathon Mario sessions.


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2. Plug-and-play


Simply plug into any 3.5mm audio connection, pair with headphones - and start streaming! Also works with old audio players, ancient laptops, console controllers and gym equipment.

3. Problem solved!

Race karts, sell turnips, and complete shrines to your heart's content - good for 16 hours playback; or use continuously with a USB-C charger.

Not just for Switch

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The Bluetooth Adapter isn’t just compatible with the Switch; it can be used with your TV or upgrade your old laptop and much more.

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Need headphones too?

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The TrueConnect was designed to minimise background noise, so you can focus – or just find some space for a moment.

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