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    03 — 01 — 2017
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CL1 Ceramic in-ear headphone named CES 2017 Best of Innovation Honouree

RHA is proud to announce that our flagship CL1 Ceramic in-ear headphone, released in November 2016, has been recognised with a CES 2017 Best of Innovation Honouree Award in the headphone category. 

Run annually by the Consumer Technology Association (CTA), the award winners are announced prior to the CES global technology event, also produced by the CTA. With the CES tradeshow regarded as an international stage for excellence in product development, featuring over 3,700 exhibitors from more than 150 countries, the Best of Innovation Awards highlight products that showcase outstanding levels of innovation across design, engineering and technology. 

Each product category, spanning headphones to vehicle intelligence, is judged by an expert team containing an engineer, a designer and a trade journalist from within the industry. Products’ engineering, aesthetics and function are evaluated, combined with the merit of their unique features, based on how they deliver innovation within their market. 

With innovation in every aspect, the CL1 Ceramic is RHA’s flagship in-ear headphone, combining our most advanced achievements in design, technology and manufacturing to date. Using two precision transducers operating in phase, the CL1 delivers high purity audio reproduction from the lowest bass frequency to the highest harmonic notes. 

To do this, the CL1 uses an ultra-wideband, high impedance CL Dynamic transducer designed for use with high-powered DAPs and headphone amplifiers. The moving coil transducer used in the CL1 was engineered with an additional layer of experimental material on its diaphragm, making it ideal to reproduce bass and midrange frequencies below 8kHz with total accuracy. 

To complement the custom CL Dynamic driver, RHA product engineers then developed a unique component which harnesses the piezoelectric effect to deliver precision high frequencies above 8kHz; the ceramic plate transducer. Featuring a zinc layer, a zirconium core and a layer of silver, the ceramic centre bends as an electric charge is applied to the transducer. These movements manipulate the front zinc layer, acting as a diaphragm to generate sound waves.  

In addition, the CL1 features:

  • Low resonance, injection moulded ZrO2 ceramic housings.
  • A contoured, ergonomic design to perfectly fit the ear.
  • Fully mouldable, tri-material ear hooks for a secure fit.
  • A detachable cable system with custom locking sMMCX connectors.
  • Durable, high conductivity, Ag4x silver-core and fabric braided, OFC cables.
  • Optional 3.5mm/6.35mm and 4-pin Mini XLR terminations for use with a variety of audio equipment.
  • 11 pairs of ear tips including Comply™ Foam, cleaning cloth and clothing clip included.

Members of the RHA team will be amongst the exhibitors at the CES event from the 5-8 January in the High Performance Audio Suite, The Venetian, Floor 29, Room 322. The CL1 will be available for audition alongside our full range of award-winning audio products.

If you would like to arrange a meeting with RHA during CES as a distributor, retailer or technology publication, then please contact us using the press form.

For more information on the Best of Innovation awards or CES 2017, please visit the CES website.

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