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    20 — 06 — 2019
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Design Notes: T20 Wireless

To explore the highly-anticipated T20 Wireless, we caught up with Kyle Hutchison - RHA's Director of Product Development.

RHA's high-resolution Expert Range combines the finest materials with cutting-edge audio technologies and the T20 Wireless is no exception. Combining the acclaimed high-end sound and design of the T20i with the freedom of Bluetooth wireless. With tuning filters and a detachable cable, the T20 Wireless allows you to tailor your own listening experience.

First off, why did you decide to create a wireless version of the T20 now?

The T20 Wireless is something our customers asked for, and it’s something we were very passionate about regenerating for the modern market. The original T20 and the DualCoil driver was designed to work as efficiently as possible, without the need for more technical equipment, such as an external amplifier or DAC. We were very proud of the results. We feel confident bringing the T Series to the wireless platform.

What were the design and engineering challenges you faced when bringing this model to a wireless platform?

Well, the T20 uses the same wireless technology that appears in our CL Series. But with our MA Wireless series we engineered magnetic housings that join together while resting around your neck - this was a feature we wanted for the T20 Wireless. The challenge then became redesigning the housing whilst retaining the distinctive, ergonomic shape. There was a lot of experimenting with the design and even discussion of redeveloping the driver. But we love the sound of the T20 driver - and so do our fans - so the new housing was developed specifically to maintain that - we’re very happy with the result!

When developing the T20 Wireless, what did you learn?

Honestly, recreating the driver and remaking the headphone was a humbling experience. Back in 2014 and 2015,  creating the T20 and T20i took so much time, effort and late (laaaaaate) nights. At that time, the T20 was the first of its kind and developing a headphone of that calibre was not easy. Comparing that to the efficient, collaborative development of the T20 Wireless, I can see how much RHA has grown and evolved as a whole.

Anything else you would like to add about the new T20 Wireless?

Use the tuning filters, experiment with them! If you’re thinking about listening to some drum and bass, metal or rock, try the bass filter, see what it does - see if it excites you. Jazz is great through the treble filters; with something like Louis Armstrong, the filter really brings an impact to the trumpet, so I would encourage you to experience that.

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