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    30 — 08 — 2017
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In detail: RHA’s new look at IFA 2017

From 1-6 September, we are returning to Berlin, Germany for the biggest consumer electronics event in Europe, IFA 2017. With this year's show promising more innovation than ever, we are delighted to be unveiling new packaging designs unlike anything we have ever produced before. Most obviously, we have chosen a new clean approach with a vibrant colour palette. Not only stylish in aesthetic, the design was inspired by the philosophy of our new MA Wireless, MA650 and Universal series products, and RHA as a whole. This In Detail explores the design philosophy behind this new visual direction and demonstrates how, despite this, our core values remain unchanged.

Why have we redesigned the packaging?

RHA was founded with one key objective: to create high quality, long-lasting products with excellent value. Beginning with a small team in Glasgow who shared a passion for sound, our simple intention has always been to make products that we ourselves would use; still the final test for any RHA product.

The new packaging designs were inspired by how important sound is to our lives and reflect the quality that has always been at the core of our products. As much as our values remain the same, our product range has grown significantly since our last packaging design. With numerous new additions, we wanted our new boxes to reflect the RHA range at its most current and the thought that inspires it.

How did we choose the design?

We approached the new design with the same attention to detail we use for our products. We looked critically at every aspect and asked how we could best communicate our product, and our values, on the first thing any potential listener experiences.

Our design team settled on a stylish but minimal approach. Opting for a design that was simple, clean and refined, they used white space; void of any convoluted or elaborate features, to let our products speak for themselves. The design drives focus to the finer details of engineering and technology that enable our products to deliver immersive, high quality audio. The cleanness of the front represents the purity of the audio reproduction, which remains as faithful as possible to the original recording – one of our key values.

It was important that the white did not appear cold or clinical – the opposite of what listening should be – so we added another colour to complement it. The blue was selected not only because it offset the white space and the quality metals of our products but because of its associations with dependability and calmness. The dependability represents our unwavering guarantee of durability in our products; the calm is what immersive listening provides.

Each of our products features unrivalled quality in every component, something the product photography reflected. Highly detailed, close-up product shots were used to capture the aesthetic and textures of the products, emphasising their design, their attention to detail and the use of only quality materials.

What are the differences between the boxes?

At their core, our products originate from the same values and standards in audio, design and build; but differ in aesthetic, sound and features. Overall, our new boxes are more uniform in size than previous designs, but some were made smaller than others. The Universal series headphones are inspired by the sound and build quality of our premium range, and are engineered to be enjoyed every day, on the go, with your smartphone or audio player. Lightweight, comfortable and carefully designed, we wanted to emphasise their convenience with a compact, sleek box.

The Be Transported visuals used for the insides of the MA Wireless series packaging were created to acknowledge the significance of the headphones – our first headphones using Bluetooth® technology – and the power of sound in our lives. Emotional and personal, the visuals captured the ability of sound to take us to new places through memory and imagination, using vibrant, striking photography that features members of the RHA team.

What's next?

We are incredibly proud of this new visual direction; the result of a major undertaking by our team, requiring similar levels of integrity, design and detail to the processes that produce each RHA product. In audio, technology and materials, RHA will continue to innovate and refine, so be sure to keep an eye (and an ear) out for future RHA designs.

During the IFA 2017 show, we will also be unveiling our new MA650 and Universal headphones, and showcasing our recently launched MA Wireless headphones. These will all join our existing, acclaimed products for a new RHA 2017 line-up which can be seen in full below.

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Going to IFA? Be sure to visit us in Hall 1.2, at stand 102 to see the new products and designs first-hand, or just to say hello.

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