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    28 — 10 — 2016
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In Detail: RHA CL750

The CL750 was created as the result of two key factors: the product development team’s successful re-engineering of the CL Dynamic driver to output ultra-wideband frequency response and the company directors’ desire to bring some of the flagship CL1 Ceramic technology to market in a more affordable product.

Though it shares features with the MA750 and MA750i, the CL750 is designed for use with high quality audio such as headphone amplifiers, similar to the CL1 Ceramic. It is the ideal choice for those looking for a headphone to highlight the improvement to sound quality that using an amplifier or a high-powered DAP can make.

Unrivalled accuracy in audio reproduction

A common feature between the two CL Series in-ear headphones is the high impedance CL Dynamic driver, however each product features a slightly different version of the technology. In developing a dynamic transducer to collaborate with the ceramic plate driver in the CL1, RHA’s product development team engineered a component capable of reproducing the full frequency range, before adapting it to focus on bass and midrange frequencies by adding a second layer of experimental material to the diaphragm. This became the CL Dynamic that is found in the CL1.

The engineers, however, saw potential in the unaltered driver, and in light of the directors’ desire to offer an accessible entry-point into the specialist range, revisited the component to see if it had the capabilities of wideband, high-resolution audio in a single driver configuration. With some recalibration and tuning, they were able to achieve a frequency response extending up to 45kHz and a sound signature that complimented that of the CL1 Ceramic.

The driver’s high impedance is a result of a high flux density voice coil array with a six-micron diaphragm, which affords it high levels of control of over sound reproduction. The result is audio that is incredibly precise, with levels of detail and accuracy beyond the capabilities of low impedance headphones engineered for use with mobile devices.

Designed for clarity

The CL750 draws design inspiration from the MA750 and MA750i, sharing the same stainless steel driver housings in RHA’s signature Aerophonic™ design. The shape is engineered to channel sound waves in phase from driver to ear to ensure reverberation and distortion-free sound reproduction.

The RHA team developed a completely new design of oxygen-free copper cable for the CL750, engineered for high conductivity. The braided, channel-insulated cable design ensures efficient audio signal transmission and zero cross-channel interference.

Long-term listening comfort

To ensure the best possible listening comfort, the CL750 also features flexible over-ear hooks. Positioning the cable behind and over the ear provides a fit which secures the housing in place and assists with ensuring effective noise isolation, which is further augmented with a selection of 11 sets of ear tips.

Additional accessories included with the CL750 are a protector case, an ear tip holder and a clothing clip. As with all RHA products, the CL750 carries a three-year international manufacturer’s warranty.