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    24 — 09 — 2016
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In Detail: RHA Dacamp L1

Following IFA 2016, the RHA blog will taking a closer look at each of the three new products announced in August 2016 as part of a new series of product-centric articles. Here, we offer a look at the Dacamp L1 in detail.

Over three years ago, RHA’s team of designers and engineers began development on a portable DAC and amplifier that was capable of delivering high-resolution audio signals to headphones. With smartphones and laptops deprioritising sound quality in favour of other features, they wanted to create a solution for those seeking the best quality sound on the go.

How digital audio signals are converted and amplified is as important to sound quality as the quality of the digital file and the headphones used, so they engineered a product capable of processing the highest quality digital audio files, and powering the most demanding of headphones. The Dacamp L1, RHA’s first product in the category, is an achievement in engineering unlike anything else we have produced before. Read on to learn more about RHA’s latest product.

Dedicated processing for pure sound

The Dacamp L1 was engineered to bypass the internal components of mobile devices and instead use premium components to process incoming audio signals. Redirecting these signals to dedicated, distinct DAC and amplifier components enables the Dacamp L1 to transmit accurate, high quality analogue signals to headphones and speakers.
In order to create a product with the processing power and sound quality of the home hi-fi units that inspired them, RHA’s product engineers found that no combination of single portable DAC and amp components would suffice. Their solution was to engineer a balanced configuration using a DAC and amplifier per channels. The first of its kind, the Dacamp process audio signals for each channel independently, using ESS Sabre ES9018K2M DAC chips and and class AB amplifiers to transmit a balanced, analogue sound signal.

Classic hi-fi design

The Dacamp L1 was engineered to evoke not only the listening experience of classic hi-fi units but also the aesthetic. A compact, sleek design in premium materials, the Dacamp L1 features an aluminium casing produced using an combination of extrusion and complex machining.

With electromagnetic shielding properties and lasting durability, aluminium was selected as the ideal material for the Dacamp L1; complementing the technology and function whilst maintaining a classic aesthetic that makes it ideal for portable and desktop use.

Sound your way

Another feature inspired by classic hi-fi, the Dacamp L1 features physical EQ settings, using bass and treble control dials to customise tracks to individual listening preferences, and equipments’ own signatures. In addition, the Dacamp features three gain levels (1x, 1.8x, 2.5x) for headphone matching, capable of pairing with headphones from 12 to 600 ohms.

Remaining faithful to RHA’s commitment to universal true-to-life, portable audio, the Dacamp L1 was designed to ensure compatibility with a wide range of source devices including smartphones (iOS, Android), computers (Windows, Mac and Linux) and digital audio players. The Dacamp L1 uses direct digital, asynchronous USB and optical connections; including 3.5mm line in, USB A, USB micro-B and mini-TOSLINK optical inputs, and can deliver analogue audio through both 3.5mm and balanced 4-pin Mini XLR outputs.

Featuring a powerful but lightweight 4000mAh lithium ion battery, the Dacamp L1 delivers an extended audio processing performance with ten hours of playback, and an additional charging mode for smartphones and tablet devices.

Following much anticipation and its official debut at IFA 2016, the Dacamp L1 will be available from November 2016.

Did you audition the Dacamp L1 at IFA 2016? Let us know what you think here.

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