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    08 — 09 — 2017
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Be Transported with RHA’s Instagram Takeover

Different sounds, whether the voices of the people in our lives, the music that we listen to or the soundtracks to our favourite films, can transport us to both new and familiar places.

Similarly, photography has the unique ability to ground us in a single moment and yet allow us to experience first-hand somewhere we've never been.

Emotive and powerful, the sounds we hear and the images we see transform our daily lives and are often best experienced together. Inspired by this, and the official release of our new MA Wireless series headphones, RHA has collaborated with photographers from across the world to transport you, through sound and image, to the iconic cities that they call home.

Follow our Instagram and blog for exclusive content, including photography and interviews showcasing what makes each featured city so unique. At the end of each post will be a playlist created by our guest collaborator, to transport you to their city, no matter where you may be listening.

The first city will be RHA’s home city of Glasgow, Scotland. Glaswegian resident, photographer and musician Ronan Park will take control of RHA’s Instagram starting Monday 11 September, sharing the sounds and images that best capture the city.

Follow RHA on Instagram to #BeTransported to Glasgow with Ronan Park, and to discover which city will be next.

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