Bluetooth Adapter

Compatible with any wireless headphones.

  • 16 hours battery with USB-C charging
  • Compatible with TVs, portable gaming, gym machines, in-flight entertainment and more
  • Simultaneously broadcast to two sets of headphones
  • Bluetooth 5.0 streaming
  • High-fidelity aptX™ and aptX Low Latency
  • Modular single 3.5mm or dual 3.5mm inputs
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About Wireless Flight Adapter

A Bluetooth adapter capable of turning any analogue signal from a 3.5mm device - or double 3.5mm flight audio socket - into high-fidelity Bluetooth signal compatible with any Bluetooth wireless headphones.




Using a twin-3.5mm connection and 16 hours battery, the Wireless Flight Adapter can keep streaming for the whole flight, and more.

Games Consoles

Use with the single 3.5mm connection to broadcast low-latency Bluetooth audio from any portable games console. Use sound share for multiplayer!


Broadcast audio to the back seats without disrupting the whole car; compatible with any 3.5mm audio socket.

Audio Players

Simply plug into any audio player to turn it into a high-fidelity Bluetooth device.

Key Features


For the Long Haul

Capable of 16 hours playback - or continuous playback if plugged in via the supplied USB-C cable - the Wireless Flight Adapter can keep streaming for the whole flight, and more. The 10-metre range allows you to get up and move around without missing out.

Designed to Adapt

The modular 3.5mm connections retract into the durable adapter casing when not in use. Use just one connection for standard analogue audio devices such as MP3 players, portable consoles or gym equipment, or use both for inflight entertainment systems.

Share your Sound

Watch the same movie; share an album, or a favourite podcast. A quick tap of the Wireless Adapter’s button allows another headphone to be paired; enabling simultaneous audio playback.

High-Fidelity Streaming

The adapter uses the aptX codec with compatible earphones or headphones, enabling Bluetooth streaming with CD-quality audio. aptX Low Latency compatibility also optimises audio sync, ideal for watching video or playing games.

What's in the box

  • Wireless Flight Adapter
  • USB-A to USB-C charging cable
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