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    09 — 10 — 2017
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#BeTransported to Los Angeles with Jacob Fischer

Emotive and powerful, the sounds we hear and the images we see transform our daily lives; and are often best experienced together. 

Inspired by this, LA based photographer Jacob Fischer shares the sounds and images that he feels best capture the iconic city he calls home and tells us what makes Los Angeles so unique.

Tell us about yourself and your photography.

My name is Jacob Fischer. I am a freelance photographer from Los Angeles – although I was born and raised in Phoenix, Arizona. My interest in photography started from an early age. As a kid, I saw it as a hobby that allowed me to capture moments. Then, when I was 15, I got into digital photography – by then my parents had given me my first DSLR camera. I was always a hands-on learner, choosing to ignore the instruction manual. When I was 21 and living in Washington D.C., I realised how much I loved photography and that it was possible to make a living from my passion. I’m now living in Los Angeles and have become one of the top photography accounts in the industry. My photography and style hasn’t always been the way it is now; I mainly focused on urban and street photography, with dark and moody tones. I’d say that even my roots and style of editing have drastically changed. Throughout my years of creating photography, my skills have improved and I’m always striving to be unique in my industry.

What role does music play in your life and your creative process? Which artists are you currently listening to?

Music plays a huge role in my life and creative process; while I am travelling or shooting at a location, I am always playing music. The type of music I listen to definitely corresponds to the photography that I create. I am deeply influenced by electronic music – I love all the genres that come with it. I like the music of artists such as Zomboy, Excision, Snails, Datsik, as well as the more pop and bouncy music of Dillon Francis, Slushii, and Skrillex. I change up the style of electronic music depending on what I’m doing, like if I’m at the gym or I’m editing. No matter what I’m doing, I always seem to be bouncing around to music.

Tell us about LA as a location for street photography?

Los Angeles is a very special city, especially for photographers. I love that there are so many photographers in Los Angeles, bringing their own styles and vibes. Photography is raw emotion bled onto an image. It’s great seeing the way people perceive things and what they create through their lenses. With millions of people, there is so much culture and influence in Los Angeles – it really is a special place to be a street photographer. We can see so much diversity in culture, nature, and architecture within 20 miles.

Where in LA do you find the most inspiration for your photography?

I always seem to find more inspiration when I am in Downtown Los Angeles. People seem to move at a faster pace there. Seeing life go so fast, hearing the noises from the city life – I love driving Downtown and taking it all in. There’s something happening at every corner of the city.

Where is your favourite place in LA and why?

I think Downtown is my favourite place in LA – the food, the people, the action, it’s all there.

What would you say is unique about LA compared to other cities?

I love the rich history of Los Angeles – and living among superstars is pretty cool too! Los Angeles just seems to be a city of hustlers and people working day and night to make it to the top. I am driven by the motivation and success people find in Los Angeles. It drives me to work hard every day, to be the best and leave a legacy for myself. Los Angeles is like no other city in the country.

You arrive in LA for a weekend, where do you go first?

I would definitely head over to Korean Friendship Bell in Long Beach, then drive up to the coast to Venice Beach, and capture all the people and action. I would then head to Hollywood Hills and hike the Hollywood sign. I would finish up Downtown.

What do you do in your time off in LA? What do you eat? Where do you go to see music events?

I really don’t have time off because I am so in love with what I do. But when I do have down time I go in search of new and great restaurants. I enjoy all types of food. When it comes to music events, I am travelling all over the country photographing for DJs and artists, so it allows me to enjoy music wherever I go. I love going to see local shows in Los Angeles.

Any hidden gems in LA you’d like to share?

Places like Victoria Beach, Thousand Steps Beach, El Matador Beach, and Elysian Park. They are beautiful spots from all over LA, and each has their different character and charm. I just love that within 30 miles you can cover so much land and see so many beautiful people and landscapes.

Transport us to LA through sound; which songs do you feel best represent Los Angeles?

All photography courtesy of Jacob Fischer.

Blog 2/6 in a series inspired by the idea of being transported by music; the inspiration for RHA's MA Wireless series. Next stop: New York City.