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    07 — 06 — 2019
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Booking Away: Audiobooks for the City Break

Audio has immensely transformative properties. Sound alone can take us from familiar surroundings to somewhere new, reaffirm old memories, conjure emotions and spark our senses. One of the sounds we connect with most is speech - proper phrasing, pausing and emphasis is vital to communication, and the key to great audiobooks. We’ve discovered some of the top audiobooks that have the power to move you through time and across the world – read on to see which ones we have chosen to transport you to a few of our favourite cities. 

Tokyo – After Dark by Haruki Murakami, narrated by Jane Song 

This 2004 novel follows 19-year-old student Mari through a night in Tokyo. Mari starts her evening reading quietly in an American diner, while elder sister Eri naps beside her. After a series of chance meetings with some radically different Tokyo natives, Mari’s night takes an interesting turn. The closer these seemingly disconnected people get to one another, the more Mari understands… And it has something to do with Eri’s sleeping. 

While After Dark is a fictional story taking place between the very real city of Tokyo and a surreal dream, Haruki Murakami has a talent for depicting the people and culture of Japan - Tokyo especially. After Dark is the perfect chance to experience a small bit of life in this vibrant city. 

Find the audiobook here: adbl.co/2Z9v83b

New York – Let the Great World Spin by Colum McCann, narrated by Richard Poe 

In August 1974 the world watches, breath held, as a tightrope walker attempts to cross the void between The World Trade Centre towers. Chapter by chapter, New York Times bestselling author Colum McCann documents the walk through the eyes of several NYC-based characters. As the event unfolds, so do the relationships between them. 

Experience first-hand accounts of daily life in the concrete jungle through the eye of a New Yorker, whilst discovering some of the smaller details of Big Apple living that might have otherwise passed you by. 

Find the audiobook here: adbl.co/2Z3485i

Rome – The path to Rome by Hillaire Belloc, narrated by Robert Bethune 

All journeys must start somewhere, and Hillaire Belloc’s begins in 1902 Toul, France. The Path to Rome is a first-hand account of Hillaire’s on-foot pilgrimage across the Alps and down into Italy. Beautiful scenic descriptions, accounts of people, culture and society are interspersed with intriguing commentaries on the history and nature of Europe. Whilst this is a factual journey, the author introduces the fictional character Lector. Lector sarcastically taunts the author for any pretentious statements or waffling, to which the author responds with an often-witty retort. 

Belloc’s incredible journey offers an insight into Europe’s not so distant past and the important role Rome played in its formation. Building an ethereal image of the Eternal City, The Path to Rome will certainly peak your excitement for a visit to the ancient city. 

Find the audiobook here: amzn.to/2Z35yNa

Whether or not you’re heading off somewhere soon, these audiobooks are guaranteed to transport you to the cities they describe – all you need is a great set of headphones. In-between chapters make sure to check out some of our favourite songs inspired by the world’s most mesmerising holiday destinations.