Frequently Asked Questions

Does the remote and microphone on RHA iSeries products work with non-Apple® devices?

RHA iSeries in-ear headphones are designed for use with Apple® devices. Users of other platforms may find that some functions of the remote and microphone work with their device, however the level of functionality varies between devices and operating systems.

If possible, we recommend testing the remote and microphone with your device in-store before purchasing. All RHA iSeries remotes and microphones use the same technology, so any iSeries product would offer and indication of functionality for any in the series.

Is there an easy way to change the ear tips on the product?

The majority of the ear tips included with RHA products are specially designed; the dual density ear tips feature a soft silicone outer for a comfortable fit within the ear, and a firm silicone inner core to ensure the tip stays in place on the headphone and sound travelling through the tip does not leak.

The dual density design can make replacing ear tips a little tricky for those unpractised in the technique.

The best practice for changing the dual density tips is to hold the headphone housing in one hand, and with the other use the index finger, middle finger and thumb to expose the tip's core by pulling back the outer layer.

Place the core half over the soundpipe of the product at an angle and apply pressure to the top of the tip to gently roll the rest of the core onto the soundpipe.

How should I clean the ear tips and grilles on my headphone?

Use a slightly warm, damp cloth, in a sweeping motion, across the ear tip surface or grille.

Where can I get replacement accessories for my RHA product?

If a you require replacements for lost accessories for an RHA product, a selection of accessories is available for purchase via the RHA website in the UK, US or EU. Information about authorised RHA resellers (via RHA's distribution partners in the country) is also available. Should an accessory experience a manufacturing fault, please complete the warranty claim form on the customer care page.

Do the products require charging for noise isolation to work effectively?

The noise isolation of RHA's in-ear headphones is a passive technology. This means they use effective design and correct ear tip size, design and material to ensure that users achieve a seal within the ear to block external noise.

This noise isolating technology requires no additional power and does not require any power to be effective. Learn more about RHA's noise isolating design in Discover.

Can the products be used for exercise/physical activity?

Some users may find RHA products suitable for certain activities due to their durable metal construction, however the products are generally not designed for highly active use. Though less resistant to perspiration than dedicated sports products, RHA's in-ear headphones will comfortably stand up to moderately active use.

What countries does the RHA website ship to?

RHA EU ships to Austria, Bulgaria, Croatia, Estonia, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia and Slovenia using Royal Mail.

RHA UK ships to the UK, Guernsey and Jersey using Royal Mail.

RHA US ships to the United States using USPS.

How can I make a claim on three year warranty?

RHA products are built to last, but in the unfortunate instance that you experience an issue with your product that may be due to a manufacturing error, we aim to make the warranty process as simple as possible.

The most crucial part of the process is the purchase receipt; retain a copy of your receipt, either physical or digitally (by taking a picture on your smartphone for example), to verify that your product is authentic and was purchased from an authorised retailer.

Warranty enquiries submitted via the RHA website will usually receive a first response within 24 hours (Mon-Fri). RHA aims to complete the warranty process for customers experiencing manufacturing faults within five working days.

If I need to make a warranty claim, will I have to pay shipping to return the product?

The terms and conditions of RHA's warranty policy states that you are responsible for any return shipping costs for products that need to be returned to RHA for any reason as part of the warranty process. Customers are also responsible for any loss or damage to the product before it reaches RHA.

Are Amazon purchases covered by warranty?

All purchases from RHA authorised retailers will be covered my the RHA manufacturer's warranty. Beware: several Amazon sellers are unauthorised or grey market resellers; the origin and quality of their stock cannot be guaranteed. A list of RHA authorised retailers is available each locale's RHA site. If you are unsure about a retailer, please get in touch.