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Behind the Buds, Volume 4: Real Powerful Stuff


How do we fit 9 hours of battery life into such small, well designed, aesthetically appealing earbuds? We're glad you asked! In this, Volume 4, of Behind the Buds we're taking a look at the hero of Tr...

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The Team’s favourite tracks of July 2020 | Blog | RHA


We asked the Team what they’ve been listening to throughout July; how the found it and what they loved about it. It’ll be current!, we thought, ‘they’ll have been listening to cool new releases...

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Behind the Buds, Volume 3: Pressing Matters


Our third Behind the Buds covers one of the unsung stars of the any good true wireless buds; the controls. From the buttons you can become the master of your soundtrack; playing, skipping, and changin...

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What the Team have been up to in July


We’re in the middle of the summer already, allegedly it’s still 2020 and has been for the last 10 years. We asked the Team what they had read/watched/swiped/eaten recently and would recommend – whethe...

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Behind the Buds, Volume 2: Clearing up Calls


Back in 2011, when we were the new, handsome and dashing kids on the block, the main function of a headphone was to "make sound" (preferably "sound good"). Fast forward to 2020 and the spec has increa...

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Behind the Buds, Volume 1: Designing True Wireless Earbuds


True wireless earbuds are designed for life, and all that entails. The earbuds we design must endure running in the rain, sound great when listening to playlists on the commute, look great on Zoom cal...

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RHA's UPDATED Testing Playlist


A few years ago we published some highlights from our testing playlists. Now it’s 2020 and we’ve been spending even more time plugged in than ever before. This week we gathered together the testing te...

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The Team restore balance with some new hobbies


When Blur released Modern Life is Rubbish in 1993, they had no idea that, 27 years later, Modern Life would be confined to the indoors for about three months. Modern Life Is Boring But Stressful, mayb...

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Heavy Metal (and Other Materials) we use to Engineer our Headphones


You may have read a bunch about our products before, but as headphones become ever more technical – integrated into everything you do; from listening to another murder podcast to phoning your parents...

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RHA Art Attack Volume II: The Albums


The art challenge is back! This time we asked the team to draw a favourite cover from memory, using any medium to hand, and with a 10-minute time limit. The results are… inspiring? Psychologicall...

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The RHA Team have recommendations for stuff to do in June


Summer is upon us, whether or not the weather in Glasgow chooses to comply. We asked the Team what they’ve been up to recently that they could recommend for you to fill your June (preferably in a soci...

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Some things you may not know about Glasgow, the home of RHA.


As you now know, RHA is based in Glasgow – a sunny and tropical paradise on the west coast of Scotland – which is in the UK. What you may not know about Glasgow can fill a book – or a blog. You’ve pr...

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The RHA Team tell us about their favourite album's


Everyone has that one album they return to again and again, like a comfortable chair, or a sweetie drawer. This week we asked the Team about their audio comfort-blankets, and Lorna's some of their cho...

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Travelling Without Leaving Home


We miss going away. Also going outside. But there are plenty ways to Get Away without having to sit in a noisy carriage for 5 hours or pay £2000 to take a delayed bus to the nearest airport (London, w...

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The Team's first tech loves


This week we asked the Team what their first true love was – in tech. The results include some career-in-audio inspirations, the seeds of a few gaming habits, and… a fluffy diary? Casio WMP-1V Wrist...

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The Old Guide to New Headphones


We often get asked by new customers what they should listen to, or how they should listen to it, in order to get the most of their new headphones. Collected below are some of our thoughts, answers, re...

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The RHA Team recreated their first music players


This week we set The Team a challenge: draw/render/paint/build from LEGO (unfortunately nobody chose this option) your first music player completely from your own memory, not Google's, in 10-ish minut...

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The Team have learned new "skills"


Over the last few weeks we’ve shared the Team’s album recommendations, gaming habits and lockdown TV-binging. This week we ask ‘but are you doing anything, you know, useful?’. It turns out they are! F...

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