Headphone Drivers: What's Important?


Dynamic drivers used in headphones are made up of two key parts; a stationary magnet and diaphragm, a piece of metal which surrounds it. To produce sound, an electronic signal is passed through the magnet creating alternating magnetic fields forcing the wire-wrapped diaphragm to move up and down in the driver generating sound waves.

The quality of the driver, specifically the strength and weight of the diaphragm within the driver, is crucial in the quality of the sound produced.

In the SA950i, a thin coating of titanium, commonly used in precision engineering due to it having the highest strength-to-weight ratio of any metal, is applied to RHA’s 40mm mylar drivers to ensure that they are as strong and as light as possible. This means that the diaphragm is stiff and strong enough to resonate clear, high-fidelity sound throughout the audio spectrum, but also light and precise enough to ensure ultra-fast response times and accurate sound reproduction.

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