The Team are watching a lot of TV


Like much of the world, the Team have recently taken some time away from the outdoors to really focus on growing their relationship with film and television. This week, we asked what people were watching, why they were watching it, and – upon reflection – whether it was time well spent.

Judge for yourself here:

Gargoyles (Disney+)

Lucy, Project Administrator/90s Cartoon Enthusiast

In short: centuries-old stone creatures teach humanity to humans, hilarity/adventure ensues. Also there’s lasers. Lots of lasers. I’ve been reliving my childhood via Disney+ during lockdown; and if those gargoyles can survive in stone for 1000 years, I think I can stay inside for a few weeks.

for Keith David’s voice alone.

Future Man (Prime Video)

Andrew, Software Engineer

A very funny sci-fi comedy about ridiculous, mind boggling time-travelling hijinks. This dystopia is an antidote to our dystopia. After watching this, I have realised that time travel is probably a very bad idea.

watch now.

Batwoman (All 4/Sky Go)

Chris, Global Ecommerce

Daughter (superhero) works night-shifts to avoid having to work with Dad (possible criminal) and sister (definite criminal). This show has taught me that working for the family business is not always the noble option.

it's good, but we need to define 'good'.

Dave & Ava's ABC Song (YouTube)

Gav, Wandering Bard

How would I describe this to an alien? Essential viewing if you want to communicate with Earthlings. We watch this to upgrade my baby’s brain. The more I watch this the more I realise that TV hypnotises children and should be taken in small doses.

the neighbours love it too.

The Death Of Stalin (Various Platforms)

Jordy, Engineer

A perfect dark comedy: funny and tragic in equal balance. Somehow it manages to be very humourous while not making light of a pretty terrible situation. It’s based on true stories, because real life is absurd.

as many questions as answers.

Unorthodox (Netflix)

Rebecca, Assistant to the Sheriff

This is the story of a young Jewish-orthodox woman and her journey as she leaves an arranged marriage. I started watching it just to get some insight into a world I don’t know much about but it was tremendous; watch this! It explores classic coming-of-age ideas of individualism and freedom without being cliché.

v. uplifting

Enjoy perhaps the strangest playlist that we’ve provided so far!

Let us know what you’ve been binge watching!

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