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We asked the Team what they’ve been listening to throughout July; how the found it and what they loved about it.
It’ll be current!, we thought, ‘they’ll have been listening to cool new releases and we’ll get some great music recommendations’.
So without further introduction:

ALBUM: Now That's What I Call Music 4 by Various Artists

Steve, Rave Cave Dweller

This is my favourite classic Now! That’s What I Call music compilation, specifically from Christmas 1984. The best thing about it? It’s got Ghostbusters by Rey Parker Junior. And Never Ending Story. Why are you looking at me like that?

RADIO: News! News! More News! Always News!

Arianna, Radio Star

Elvis said "You had better do as you are told, You better listen to the radio...” and I do what Elvis tells me to do. What brought me to the news? Anxiety. What do I like about listening to the news? Nothing. Am I going to listen to it anyway? Yes.

SONG: Wait A Minute! by Willow Smith

Abbey, Full Time TikTok Queen

This is all over TikTok. It has the catchiest beat ever.
It's been stuck in my head for WEEKS. HELP.

ALBUM: folklore by Taylor Swift

Lorna, Taylor Swift Fan

I listened to this because I love Taylor Swift.
It’s a red wine album - settle down with a comfy cardigan, some central heating, and feel your tears ricochet as you watch the rain fall in tune with your emotions. In a good way.

ARTIST: Lianne Le Havas

Murray, Engineering Engineer of Engineering

Matt (also an engineering engineer of engineering) suggested I listen to this, and I do what Matt tells me, so I did. Really chilled out vibes, with really lovely vocals. Would recommend.

ALBUM: Cosmic Mood by Teen Daze

Phil, Senior Officer, RHAirways

I was recommended this by Spotify’s Discover Weekly; the lazy - but brilliantly simple - way to find new things. There're no lyrics, and it just goes round and round and round. Added straight to the 'Music To Type To' playlist. It's also got that kinda “distant, overpriced beach bar” vibe that’s oh so far away just now.

SONG ENDLESSLY ON REPEAT: For Sure by Future Islands

John, Graphic Material

Future Islands’ newest single release. My unwavering admiration for the band continues. The quintessential Future Islands blend of thumping drums, thick synths and a gooey bass line that anchors a swooning guitar. This was released on 8 July and I have listened to it 986 times.

SONG: Who Let The Dogs Out by Baha Men

Rebecca, Sales Dog

I was listening to this because I am getting a dog to look after. So I need to prepare. What do I like about it? The dogs. I like dogs.

PODCAST: Joe Rogan Experience

Andrew, Virtual Copy of Named Person

This is my go-to place for interesting conversations and zeitgeist titbits. Joe has a knack for eliciting good and deep conversations.

ALBUM: Unknown Frequency by Lucy In Disguise

Jordy, Chief Embedded Computer Fellow Person

I fell into a weird place on bandcamp and ended up finding this - it's mellow, has a darn good beat, and you can have it on the background without the need to sing interrupting your VITAL work.

ALBUM: Seed of Memory by Terry Reid

Cameron, Global Head of Prestige Development, Worldwide

This was used on the end credits of the Rob Zombie film, Devils Rejects, which I saw when it came. I was recently listening to some Led Zeppelin playlists and this song came up in rotation and brought back memories. Reid’s voice is great: he could have been the lead singer of Led Zeppelin if he had accepted Jimmy Page's invitation to join the New Yardbirds. Tough luck.

This week's witty-theme-related-playlist:

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