Some things you might not know about RHA


From the outside, RHA looks like a deeply professional corporation, staffed by thousands of intelligent, creative and – most importantly – beautiful people. But what is it really like?

Here’s some basic facts about RHA you might find surprising.

It’s, like, 50 people

To the outside observer, it obviously looks like RHA is a monolithic and highly-professional organisation. But from design and engineering, customer care and supply chain, to marketing and sales, RHA is 50-ish people (we would name all of them here, but GDPR says no).


We are 9!

Born in 2011, RHA is now 9 years old. That’s actual years, not lockdown years; RHA is 468 lockdown years old. In that time we’ve perfected a signature noise isolating design, created a DualCoil driver, been first with a tiny planar magnetic driver, and generally knocked the stuffing out of bigger, more expensive People We Could Name But Won’t in terms of design, quality and longevity. It feels nice.

We develop stuff in-house (literally)

Our development lab in Glasgow, an extension of the product development office, includes all the toys an excitable product designer and development engineer could need. This includes some nifty 3D-printing tech, 360 million design books, and a laser cutter that we definitely didn’t use to carve a pumpkin.


Maybe don’t try this at home, though if you have a laser cutter at home you probably have. Currently the homes of RHA engineers are full of things that buzz, chirp and beep, as we continue development during the new normal.

We are glaswegian

Glasgow is a city in the UK, and also it should be the capital of Scotland. Our office is based about 500 yards from the shipyards that produced the poster-children of the golden age of sail, including the Lucania (which was fast) and the HMS Hood (which was big). Glasgow still makes ships, but they don’t use coal any more and there’s probably some kind of secrecy law against us talking about them. RHA itself is situated in an old plumbers’ yard, near some very good lunch delis and a few fairly expensive pubs. It is currently locked.

Most RHA illustrations have a cat hidden in them

Our illustrator likes cats. Why not check out our recent blogs and see if you can find the famous Charlotte...

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