Tuning Filters - Full Set

Full set of T-Series Tuning Filters

Tuning Filters - Full Set

Replacement tuning filters for RHA T Series in-ear headphones.  Contains

  • Bass filters: rock, hip hop, EDM
  • Reference filters: all music
  • Treble filters: classical, jazz, live recordings

Tuning filters are designed for use with RHA's T Series in-ear headphones. Customise headphone sound signatures in line with musical preferences.

RHA bass filters emphasise the low end of the frequency range (max +3dB below 200Hz), for genres such as rock, hip-hop and electronic music.

RHA's reference filters are engineered to offer a balanced, neutral sound signature, suitable for all music genres.

Treble filters emphasise the higher audible frequencies (max +3dB above 1kHz) for enhanced audio in genres including classical, acoustic and jazz.

A. 1 pair Treble filters (Effective max +3dB above 1kHz)

B. 1 pair Reference filters

C. 1 pair Bass filters (Effective max +3dB below 200Hz)

  • 1 pair: Reference filters

  • 1 pair: Treble filters (Max +3dB above 1kHz)

  • 1 pair: Bass filters (Effective max +3dB below 200Hz)