Who are RHA?

We are a team of around 50 people based in Glasgow, UK, who believe that technology should connect people.

... and we make earphones!

Founded in 2011, we have grown with technology. As the world moved from wired to wireless, we embraced the changes to what a headphone was and what it could do. We create products that enable you to stay connected to the world around you. We know the importance of these connections; you can see that in the quality of our work.

July 2019

Making Bluetooth flight-ready.

As frequent flyers, we were frustrated by the inability to use our favourite Bluetooth headphones to watch in-flight movies. So, we created a simple solution: Wireless Flight Adapter, a Bluetooth transmitter with not one but two 3.5mm inputs for all airline systems.

October 2019

A world first.

Our goal with the CL2 Planar was to create the ultimate wireless earphone. We combined the freedom of Bluetooth with our audio expertise, to engineer the world’s smallest planar driver in a Zirconium dioxide shell. Creating the world's first planar driven wireless earphone.

August 2018

Our first true wireless earbuds.

TrueConnect was a little late to the true wireless party, but that wasn’t by accident. We wanted to be certain that we didn’t sacrifice audio quality to cram in as many microchips and batteries as possible into a tiny earbud. We took our time to make sure the technology was truly ready.

August 2016

Testing portable audio boundaries.

As audio lovers, we often used DACs (geeky stuff, see Google) and headphone amplifiers at our desks to produce extreme audio quality. But we wanted to see how much of that tech we could make portable. So, we combined it, literally: DAC + Amp = DACAMP L1, and wrapped it in durable, portable aluminium.

August 2015

Taking a revolutionary approach.

After finding our feet, we immediately set our sights on re-inventing the wheel (or coil in this case). The T20 introduced two of our signature technologies: DualCoilTM drivers, and swappable tuning filters for customisable sound. Both of which are still present today, in our T20 Wireless.

July 2011

Our first earphones.

The first milestone in our journey, the release of our MA350 earphones. We wanted to make an earphone with audio quality that felt like an experience and wasn’t cheaply made. So, we used high-quality materials and gave it a 3-year warranty, all for less than the price of a haircut (perhaps).

Designed in Glasgow, heard around the world.

Glasgow is Scotland's largest city and 2019's creative capital of the UK (take that Edinburgh). With a history of musical culture, design, and engineering; it's the ideal location for an audio tech company.
Our office is based 500 yards from the shipyards that, before us, made Glasgow famous - as well as some very good lunch spots and expensive coffee shops.

Why haven’t I heard of you?

Rude. Other brands you may have heard of spend millions of dollars, euros, pounds, or krona telling you that their product is the best. Some people believe them, but not you because you’re great. We spend it on developing and making stuff. That means we get to use better materials, original designs, and smart intuitive features that you won’t find elsewhere. Buy an RHA product and you join a community of thousands, not a market of millions. Our marketing budget extends to the people who wrote this sentence, built this website, and posted it on social media. Until very recently, they were all the same person.

What we’re up to now

Every spare penny we have is invested in the future. We work with researchers, universities, and developers around the world to shape the next generation of audio technology. With teams focused on sound, fitness, health monitoring – and even aviation. We could give you more details, but then it wouldn’t be a secret anymore, and that’s half the fun!

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