MA650i with Lightning


  • Apple®デバイス対応のライトニング (Lightning) 端子
  • Made for iPhone/iPad/iPod認証
  • マイク搭載リモートコントロールを使用してSiriや音楽再生アプリをコントロール
  • アルミニウム製ハウジング、シグネチャーデザインのノイズアイソレーション設計
  • 魅力的で没入感あふれるサウンドを実現するパワフルなダイナミックドライバー
  • Comply™イヤーチップ(1ペア)を含むイヤーチップ8ペアとキャリーポーチ付属
  • 本体3年保証

About MA650i Lightning

A powerful in-ear headphone combining signature RHA design and technologies 
with a Lightning connection for use with a range of Apple® devices.


Key Features


Made for iPhone/iPad/iPod

The MA650i’s Lightning connection enables full track and call control on a wide range of Apple® devices. Full Siri control is a button-press away via the remote and microphone, allowing advanced device and smart features, such as text dictation, quick calling and full search engine, music and podcast controls.

Signature noise isolating design

Shaped in RHA’s signature Aerophonic design, the MA650i’s distinctive housings channel sound waves from driver to ear without distortion, while blocking external noise for an immersive listening experience. Machined aluminium gives an elegant and understated finish, while keeping the earphones resistant to wear and damage.

Powerful and personal audio

Unique to the MA650 series, RHA’s custom 380.1 dynamic driver produces powerful, full-range audio – combining bass depth and treble detail – suitable for any audio, from spoken podcasts to live music recordings.

Find the perfect fit

The MA650i is provided with a wide range of ear tips in a variety of styles and sizes; including RHA’s durable dual density silicone, noise isolating double flange and advanced Comply™ Foam memory ear tips, enabling a perfect fit in any ear. Ear tips are provided with our unique stainless steel ear tip holder. Also contains a carry pouch and clothing clip.

What's in the Box

  • MA650i with Lightning Earphones
  • Mesh Carry Pouch
  • Clothing Clip
  • Stainless Steel Ear Tip Holder
  • Dual Density Silicone Ear Tips - 2xS, 2xM, 2xL
  • Double Flange Silicone Ear Tips - 1xS, 1xL
  • Comply™ Foam Comfort Tsx-400 Ear Tips - 1xM
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