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    05 — 09 — 2012
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RHA MA450i - Your Reviews

The RHA MA450i earphones have been available to purchase from Amazon, Apple and other retailers for a couple of months and thus far, the feedback we’ve had from those who’ve picked up a pair has been overwhelming. We very much appreciate customer feedback and would like to thank those who’ve taken time to write a review of any of our products.
Below you’ll see a selection of quotes from the customer reviews which have been posted on Amazon.co.uk of the new MA450i. If you’ve purchased a set and want to let us and everyone else know what you think about them, why not write a review? If you’ve got any questions about reviews, the MA450i or anything else RHA, get in touch through the customer care form of the website, or via our official Facebook page. Sound wise, they give a balanced rich sound, working well with bass heavy dance and electronica as well as the lighter classical and acoustic indie tracks. The bass is so rich and smooth it sounds punchy without having to activate an equaliser, something I've always needed to use, especially with earbuds. - VickyOC I can never find a decent hands free kit for my phone - an HTC Sensation. For the price, these are fantastic! I live in an area with very poor signal and using a hands free kit always seems to help when I'm on the phone - these are easily provide the best quality sound from my phone. The mic is great and well positioned. - Kirsty The final test I always go with is to listen to a piece of film music, in this case James Horner's, Avatar soundtrack. This is because of the very high quality audio (320kbps originating from FLAC) and the huge variety of frequencies and instruments they exhibit. I wasn't disappointed, it was like being sat in an IMax cinema, only this sound was coming from a pair of tiny little aluminium earphones. - Mr. J. D. N. Fish "JackFish90" What I really appreciate about these headphones is the "made-to-last" feel about them. For example, the cable is sheathed in fabric - the stated reason is to avoid tangling, but more than this it gives the earphones the feel of a quality product -- a wide step apart from the scratty tubes of plastic on my old iPod earphones. - andsonsandsons All in all, a fantastic set of headphones that are clearly designed and made with care and thought towards the end-user, a stark contrast to the quality and detail seen on more budget headphones, and in fact many of similar or greater price. - clumface Straight out the box the first impressions are excellent, these are some beautiful earphones. The trumpet horn shaped ear-buds are well constructed and attractive, they're securely attached to the cable with some plastic wrap. The right hand ear line has the sleek in-line control which isn't too bulky or too hard to find making it very easy and organic to use. The left and right hand cables join at a little junction which has a sliding dongle on the top, this little widget helps to ensure a comfortable arrangement of the cables. The braided is also a big plus it looks nice, is hard to tangle and adds a real feel of luxury. - E. Furmston-evans "Ed" Review text taken from Amazon.co.uk where RHA MA450i headphones are currently rated 4.9 stars (out of five) based on 24 reviews as of September 5th 2012. RHA MA450is also available from the Apple Store, or from the product page of the RHA website.