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    31 — 05 — 2016
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RHA T20i, S500i, S500 headphones win VGP Summer 2016 awards for audio innovation

RHA is delighted to announce that its in-ear headphones have received prestigious Visual Grand Prix (VGP) awards in Japan. The T20i, S500i and S500 were recognised in the VGP Lifestyle 2016 awards, announced at the end of May.

The three RHA products each won in their respective price categories, with the products evaluated on performance, design and technological innovation by a panel of influential audio industry critics and retailers. It is the second year RHA has been recognised by VGP with the T20 headphone being selected as a winner in late 2015.

VGP is one of the most renowned consumer electronics award events in Japan highlighting innovation in audio and video technologies. The awards have worldwide recognition, with any product available for purchase in Japan open to nomination.

“Once again, we are thankful to be a recipient of such highly regarded awards. RHA has a huge amount of respect for the Japanese personal audio industry and so to be recognised by one of its most prestigious judging panels, for the second year in a row, is a remarkable honour,” said Lewis Heath, RHA Product Director, about the awards.

The T20i is certified to High-Resolution Audio standard by the Japan Audio Society, featuring revolutionary DualCoil™ driver technology enabling it to outperform traditional drivers in the replication of true-to-life sound.

The ultra-compact S500i and S500 combine a specially engineered micro dynamic driver with aluminium alloy housing to achieve immersive, vibrant sound within a lightweight design.

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