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    28 — 03 — 2018
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Interview: Glasgow Warrior Peter Horne uses music to get his head in the game

People use music in different ways; to relax, explore, connect and prepare. We sat down with Glasgow Warriors and Scotland player Peter Horne to find out what he listens to – and why.

What are you listening to just now?

I’m loving Post Malone just now; Candy Paint. The song I’ll be listening to when I come in in the morning is Finders Keepers – it’s just really upbeat.

How do you prepare ahead of a game?

Pre-game I’m relatively relaxed; music’s a great way of getting into the zone. I normally start off with quite chilled music and ramp it up as I get closer to game time.

How do you use music to get you in the right mindset?

Music always puts you somewhere; takes you back to a place. You’ve maybe got songs that get you fired up; remind about good games that you’ve had, good times that you’ve had.

I always look back to the year we won the league – the morning of that game me and Richie [Vernon: Glasgow Warrior and Scotland international] had music on in the changing room. I’ve still got those songs on my playlist now; when they come on they bring me back to that day.

Who DJs?

In the gym we always need to have tunes on. [Adam] Ashe is really good; he always spends some time finding new stuff. Finn [Russell]’s really good – though I think he steals it mostly from his brother. I really like Nick Griggs’ tunes; he’s got some old gold.

My RHA headphones have good noise isolation; if anyone’s got some dodgy tunes playing on the speakers in the changing room you can just block that rubbish out

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