In detail: the MA650 Wireless

Each individual part of an RHA product is engineered for quality, performance and exceptional sound. The In Detail series looks at the components which combine to make an RHA product and the design philosophy behind them. This edition will focus on the unique elements of the MA650 Wireless in-ear headphone, a new RHA design using Bluetooth® wireless technology.

Be transported with the MA650 Wireless

Sound is an essential part of many peoples’ day. Whether listening to your favourite tracks, binge watching a TV series or scrolling through your social timeline, sound can transform an environment. It can help you escape from the ordinary and transport you to places and moments throughout memory and imagination. In return, your own voice can be used to influence the world around you and the devices that connect you to it. Inspired by these experiences, the RHA MA650 Wireless combines premium listening with comfort, convenience and quality.

High quality audio

Experience audio as it was meant to be heard. Built around RHA’s custom engineered 380.1 dynamic driver, the MA650 Wireless delivers high quality sound reproduction with a powerful bass response and a clear treble. Paired with Bluetooth technology, the headphone delivers uninterrupted wireless listening with detail and accuracy. Equipped with an NFC fast pairing chip, the MA650 Wireless connects easily and quickly to any compatible device.

Power all day

Enjoy high quality audio all day long; the powerful lithium-ion battery of the MA650 Wireless provides 12 hours’ battery life. This allows you to listen with confidence as the headphone is designed for use throughout the day. A quick power check function, LED battery level indicator and a power saving auto-off function after twenty minutes of inactivity all ensure that a low battery doesn’t interrupt your listening.

Engineered for quality and clarity

Influenced by the signature features of the acclaimed wired MA Series, the MA650 Wireless uses a premium aluminium construction and Aerophonic™ design. The high grade 6063 aluminium housings are engineered for a stylish aesthetic and lasting durability, while the unique, curved shape channels accurate, clear sound from the driver to ear without distortion. In addition, the MA650 Wireless housings are splash and sweatproof to an IPX4 rating and magnetised to fasten securely when not in use.

Listen in comfort

Fully flexible and weighing just 33g, the MA650 Wireless features a contoured SecureFlex cable designed to fit the natural contours of the neck and shoulders for lasting listening comfort and convenience throughout your day.

Complete control

Engineered for convenience when listening on the go, the MA650 Wireless features a universal, multifunction microphone and 3-button remote which allows full control of any compatible device using Bluetooth technology; as well as a vibrate-on-call function. Switch seamlessly from your soundtrack to a call, skip to the next track or activate digital assistant functions without having to reach for the device in your bag or pocket.  

Finished with a premium range of accessories, the MA650 Wireless includes a selection of silicone and Comply™ Foam ear tips, a mesh carry pouch, stainless steel ear tip holder, a cable clip to secure the headphone during active use and USB C charging cable.

For more information on the MA650 Wireless – including design notes, included accessories and compatibility – visit the product page.

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