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    15 — 02 — 2018
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Comply™ Foam tips now available from RHA

We're excited to announce that Comply™ Foam ear tips are now available from the RHA website in the UK, USA and selected EU countries including Germany and Ireland.

Until 2 March 2018, every purchase of a set of Comply Comfort 400 ear tips from RHA will automatically qualify for another free set; just add two products to the shopping cart.

Comply™ is renowned for creating ear tips that offer excellent external noise isolation. Engineered to create a custom ear canal seal to block out external noise and environmental distractions, their tips can provide two times more decibel reduction than standard silicone ear tips. RHA's partnership with Comply began in 2016, with every high-resolution and wireless headphone provided with a set of Comply™ Foam ear tips.

Comply™ Comfort 400 Foam Tips provide a secure in-ear fit with added comfort and WaxGuard™ Protection. The tips are compatible with any RHA headphone, including the acclaimed MA Wireless series and high impedance CL Series.

MA650 Wireless with Comply™ Foam tips

Shop Comply™ tips here.

Add two sets to the shopping cart to get the second set for free!