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    31 — 05 — 2019
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Picture Perfect: Hollywood Inspired Holiday Destinations

It’s June! And with June (usually) comes the need to book a trip away. Planning holidays can be stressful, though - the endless trawl through websites to find the best deal; finding passports; packing and repacking. With the amount of travelling we do, we know all about that stress. That also means we also know how to get in the mood for our next adventure – one recommendation is to watch a film set in your planned destination. With that in mind, read on to discover some of our top movies set in famous cities - guaranteed to get you geared up for your next break.


Roman Holiday (1953)

Rome: the romantic city steeped in history and culture. With many must-see landmarks, it’s easy to wander away the hours in this maze of art and architecture. Become acquainted with the Italian capital through the critically acclaimed classic: Roman Holiday. Join Hollywood icon Audrey Hepburn as she plays a European princess who leaves her responsibilities behind to venture into the historic city. However, in true rom-com fashion, not everything goes exactly to plan. We follow an unlikely romance whilst the characters traverse the centre on Vespas and test the truth at the Bocca Della Verità (the mouth of truth). This light-hearted family fave is guaranteed to leave you feeling nostalgic for a place you haven’t yet visited.


Lost In Translation (2003)

The bright lights and vibrant soundscapes of Tokyo are beautifully captured in this modern classic. The film follows the chance meeting between an ageing actor, Bob Harris, played by comedy icon Bill Murray, and conflicted newlywed Charlotte, portrayed by Avenger’s star, Scarlett Johansson. Their meeting  blossoms into a surprising friendship as they explore the city of Tokyo in a bid to escape their respective seemingly hopeless situations. This spirited movie with its contrast between quiet, old streets, and energetic town centres, will have you counting down the minutes to your arrival in this bustling city.

New York

When Harry Met Sally (1989)

Being the world’s most popular film location, the streets of New York City are already familiar to many of us. We’d argue, however, that no film quite captures the heart of The Big Apple as perfectly as the 1989 rom-com When Harry Met Sally. Watch NYC-born Billy Crystal and rom-com queen Meg Ryans play the iconic Harry and Sally as they walk the streets of New York. Throughout the film they struggle with their tempestuous friendship as they each try to prove their differing beliefs on women and men’s (in)ability to have a platonic friendship. All set to a score of NYC jazz, you’ll wish you were hanging with the locals already.

If you’re heading off to any of the above cities, these films are guaranteed to get you in the holiday mood. And if you need even more of a vacation boost, check out this week’s playlist – made up of songs from these destination movies.