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    07 — 09 — 2017
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RHA partners with Comply™ Foam ear tips for MA Wireless series

To deliver the outstanding RHA audio experience that listeners expect, we are delighted to announce that we have once again partnered with award-winning manufacturer Hearing Components, Inc. to offer Comply Foam™ tips with our new MA Wireless headphones.

Every set of our new MA650 Wireless and MA750 Wireless headphones includes a pair of Comply™ Foam ear tips as well as a selection of our own silicone tips to suit individual preference.

The MA Wireless in-ear headphones use acclaimed RHA design and engineering with Bluetooth® technology to produce exceptional sound quality with listening convenience that can be enjoyed up to 10 metres away from any connected device.

Comply™ tips use innovative memory foam technology to form a custom seal that shapes to the unique contours of your ear, resulting in a snug and comfortable fit that boosts sound quality and prevents bass tones from leaking.

Spotlight: MA650 Wireless

Designed to fit seamlessly into everyday life, the MA650 Wireless houses a custom 380.1 dynamic driver (model 380.1) in a noise isolating, Aerophonic™ design to deliver a precise, immersive wireless listening experience with an impressive 12-hour playback.

Using lightweight and durable aluminium housings, a universal remote to switch easily between music, calls and digital assistant functions, and NFC pairing for hassle-free pairing, the MA650 Wireless delivers intuitive, integrated wireless listening with unrivalled comfort, playback and quality.

By further enhancing our effective noise-isolating designs, Comply™ Foam tips make the MA650 Wireless and MA750 Wireless the perfect choices for music lovers and audiophiles who value unrivalled sound quality.

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Find out more about the MA650 Wireless or MA750 Wireless.

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