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    31 — 10 — 2018
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Spooky Podcasts: Our Seven Scary Suggestions for this Hallowe’en

How fearless do you think you are? If you’re anything like us, not very. If we were in a horror film we would probably see the end credits. Cowards are survivors, always remember that. In honour of Hallowe’en, we have rounded up the spookiest, scariest and creepiest podcasts available.


In LORE we are the monsters. From vampires and werewolves to doppelgangers and ghosts towns, most of what we think of as ‘fiction’ has some basis in reality. Recently adapted for a TV series, LORE takes a deep dive into humanity’s darker side, shining a spotlight on some of the most creepy  and diabolical points in human history, proving that the truth is often more terrifying than the fairy tale it becomes.


The No Sleep Podcast

The story behind NoSleep is inspiring; several volunteers from a popular subreddit banded together, slowly building their experience and audience - and created a well-produced, regular podcast. NoSleep is now in its eleventh season. A cast of talented voice actors deliver absorbing tales of suspense, horror and fright to their listeners (‘the Sleepless’); mostly fictional, but some rooted in real life. If you’re content with one or two sleepless nights (per week) and a raised heartbeat, we would thoroughly recommend gathering your courage and having a listen.


The Apex & The Abyss

Nothing makes stories more terrifying than the words ‘based on true events.’ Except, that is when the story is being narrated by The Apex & The Abyss’s host Erika. Her unique style of creating sceneries and building suspense brings these true crime stories to life in shocking detail. Exploring the final moments and last footsteps of cases left unexplained, The Apex & The Abyss is a must for true crime fans.


My Favorite Murder

Bringing you the lighter side of homicide is the exceptionally popular My Favorite Murder podcast. With their cult following of “Muriderinos”, Karen Kilgariff and Georgia Hardstark discuss true crime stories in their own hilarious relaxed fashion. If you are looking to explore your more morbid side with a bit of a giggle My Favorite Murder is the podcast for you.


Anything Ghost Show

Get the campfire going before listening to this one. Since 2006 Anything Ghost has been regaling listener experiences of the paranormal and unexplainable. Add an absorbing score and sound effects, Anything Ghost is specifically produced to make the hair on the back of your neck stand on end.


Welcome to Night Vale

A surreal mix of highly entertaining and deeply unsettling, Welcome to Night Vale is a bulletin from the fictional, American town of Night Vale. This podcast is structured a lot like any regional radio program with adverts, local announcements, news and hearsay. It just so happens that Night Vale appears to be at the centre of every dark conspiracy theory on earth. Highlights include a psychoactive toxic cloud running for chair of the school board, and a creepy old lady who simultaneously lives in every house in town.


Quiet, Please!

True horror is timeless, and nothing encompasses that more than ‘Quiet, Please’, which first debuted on American radio stations following the success of Orson Wells’ ‘War of the Worlds’, in an age before podcasts. The authentic grainy tone of ‘Quiet, Please’ delivered a mixture of unsettling fantasy and horror stories. Not every episode is intended to leave you trembling in fear, but tales from the show linger, creeping up on you when you least expect it.


Most of the above are available at your local podcast provider. Enjoy!

And happy Hallowe’en!