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    11 — 01 — 2019
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Focus Music: How to Improve Your Concentration & Productivity

Will this year be your most productive yet? With the right playlist, it could be.

2019 is now in full swing. The inevitable return to work has reduced the recent festivities to a distant memory. Deafened by the sound of phones ringing and the printer going into overdrive, gathering momentum can seem like an uphill battle.

Fear not. Let us help you create your own power playlist to help you achieve peak focus and motivation in 2019.

It’s no secret that music can be an incredible motivator. While high-fidelity sound and comfortable listening will improve your working environment, tailoring the right playlist boosts concentration. Of course, music tastes vary from person to person, but certain genres have proven to be universally motivational.

A workplace playlist is going to be very different from your daily go-to. So what sort of tracks are you listening out for?

Songs you like for more repetitive tasks.

It might seem obvious to include some recognisable tracks but although discovering new music is always exciting, new and different sounds can be distracting. Working to sounds that you know and love can definitely speed up monotonous tasks. Just don’t get caught dancing to Madonna when you should be sorting the mailroom.

Instrumental tracks for laser focus.

Vocals encourage the listener to follow the narrative of a song, rather than the task at hand. When we listen to instrumental music, our brain becomes more capable of multitasking. It also means you won’t have to explain how the lyrics of Mr. Brightside made it into your meeting minutes.

Songs without vocals can sometimes slow us down. However, the lack of distinct pattern and structure in the sound of nature (think rainforests and thunderstorms rather than animal attacks or swarming bees) is less disruptive, allowing you to focus on the task at hand.

For intricate, detail-oriented tasks, enlist the old school. The really old school. Classical music has actually been proven to reduce the number of errors that occur when working.

For the ultimate power-through, we suggest tuning into video game soundtracks.  These have been painstakingly created to push players through difficult and complex missions. Perfect for that last-minute report for the boss.

Adding this mix of genres to your playlist should give you just the boost you need to slay all day.

Below are some suggested tracks, make sure to include some of your own favourites to round out your personal work playlist. Happy play listing!