All you need to know about our famous 3 year warranty.



Ok, admittedly this was a shameless plug.

But, since you're here we'd like you to know that our warranty is a reflection of our confidence in the quality of our products. Your hard earned money and faith in us isn't taken for granted. We believe that well made headphones should last, and be enjoyed for longer than 12 months.

3 years/36 months/1095 days from the date of your original headphone purchase.

For accessories we offer the below warranty periods:

  • Wireless Flight Adapter - 3 years
  • Ear tips - 30 days
  • Tuning filters - 90 days
  • Cases & cables - 1 year

Although we do have limitations to our warranty cover, we try to be as reasonable as possible to ensure you get at least 3 years use out of your headphones. Check the list of exemptions below, if your product's issue isn't on there then get in touch with our team.

  • Products not purchased as new by the first end user
  • Products purchased from unauthorised retailers*
  • Minor cosmetic damage which does not affect the product’s intended operation
  • Lost accessories supplied with the product
  • Faults resulting from improper use (e.g. operating errors, mechanical damage, incorrect operating voltage)
  • Faults caused by unauthorised modification to the product by the user or third party
  • Faults of which the purchaser was already aware at the time of purchase
  • Faults or defects resulting from use of the product with third party accessories not endorsed or recommended by RHA
  • Lost or stolen property

*Under the Consumer Rights Act 2015, warranty and guarantees are an agreement that exists between the retailer and the customer. The difference between a manufacturer and retailer warranty is that the manufacturer controls the terms and conditions, but the responsibility of upholding these terms lies with the retailer. We choose to process warranty claims directly from customers that purchased from our authorised retailer partners.

We hope this makes things a little clearer. If you’d like more information on the Consumer Rights Act 2015, please click here.

You can check our retailers page but, if you don't see the retailer you are looking for, we recommend contacting us to double-check. Sometimes we just haven't managed to update the page with our newest partners yet.

Yes but be careful, only product listings sold and fulfilled by Amazon or RHA are elligible for warranty protection. Why? Amazon isn't just a retailer, it's an online marketplace open to all. So, although we try to protect our brand and our customers, some unauthorised sellers may list RHA products which are not eligible for our warranty. We trust our authorised retailers and distributors to supply customers with genuine RHA products which are fit for sale and to provide the service level we expect.

So, make sure to check if the product listing on Amazon is new, and sold by Amazon directly or RHA.

No registry required. However, if you'd like to request that we keep your proof of purchase on file, in case you lose it, you can contact our customer care team. If you purchased from rha-audio.com then we'll automatically have your order details in our records.

No. Rigorously testing faults and applying fixes can take some time. So, rather than keep you waiting, we'll send you a brand new replacement with a pre-paid envelope for you to return your faulty product to us.

We're sorry to hear that and hope you enjoyed your headphones. Perhaps it's time to begin your next audio adventure?

In the unlikely event that your faulty product is no longer in production and we are unable to source a brand new replacement, we'll offer you a free upgrade to a similar product.

Technically this isn't covered by our warranty, however we are partial to pictures of cute animals…

P.S. please take your pet to the vet immediately.

Legal stuff...

You can read our full terms and conditions, including warranty, here.

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