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    08 — 01 — 2020
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Focus Music: How to Improve Your Concentration & Productivity

Will this year be your most productive yet? With the right playlist, it could be. We have compiled some tips to keep you on track in 2020.

Not getting the required boost from your office ‘Monday Motivation’ playlist? music can be an incredible motivator, but music tastes are individual. So, what genres and tracks should you be considering for your decade-defining playlist? (no pressure)

Your Favourites

Unsurprisingly, listening to sounds you know and love will help boost your mood - even when labouring on the most monotonous of tasks. New and different music is exciting but can be distracting as you mercilessly judge each new track. Make sure you have a few reliable bangers or guilty pleasures in there. Just don’t get caught voguing to Madonna when you have a spreadsheet to finish!

Instrumental Tracks

Ever written down something you heard rather than what you intended to? Vocals can encourage you to follow the narrative, rather than the job at hand. When we listen to instrumental music, our brain has greater capacity for multitasking. So, for the most complex of projects it’s a good idea to keep it simple. It also means you won’t have to explain how the lyrics of Mr. Brightside featured in slide 3 of your presentation.

Mother Nature

After all, she knows best. Songs without vocals can sometimes slow us down but not all exercises are about speed. The lack of distinct pattern and structure in the ambient sounds of nature - think of rainforest and oceanic sounds - is less disruptive. Allowing you to concentrate on studying…or…shopping RHA’s January sale

The Classics

Tried and tested, the established classics have undergone centuries of study and review. With quality assured, and options ranging from melodic symphonies to epic compositions, you are guaranteed to find a tempo in tune with whatever you’re doing. Sure, Mozart could play both the piano and violin by the age of four, but did he ever compose a 400-word email on the twenty-minute commute to the office?

Game On

Designed to provoke and amplify emotions within players as they navigate the game’s journey, video game soundtracks are ideal candidates for your playlist. Deadlines are just countdown timers to your inevitable victory over the boss. We like games here at RHA - we’ve written more about their soundtracks!

Now you are ready to create a playlist that mere mortals can only dream of. To get you started, we collated some of the tracks we listen to in the RHA office – some may even have inspired the writing of this post.