cutaway diagram showing aerophonic shape

Aerophonic design™

RHA’s aerophonic™ design was developed to be the most efficient shape for the productions, amplification and clarity of sound in in-ear headphones.

The traditional in-ear headphone is designed in such a way that air flowing from the driver is pushed into a compact chamber with flat walls surrounding the sound pipe. This can cause the sound to become harsh, or muddled, as the air in the chamber is compressed against the walls before being forced into the soundpipe.

The RHA product research and development team sought to create a design of in-ear headphone capable of delivering clear, natural sound and realised that the traditional in-ear headphone shape would not enable to achieve their goal. The aerophonic™ design used by the RHA MA350, MA600MA600i, MA750 and MA750i in-ear headphones was inspired by the airflow system and acoustic properties of a trumpet’s bell. The team inverted the traditional shape to create headphones capable of channeling the sound naturally, allowing air to progress unobstructed and unforced from the driver to the ear.

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