MA390 Universal

Aluminium earphones with microphone for Apple & Android

MA390 Universal

Hear greater detail in your music with sound isolating design, vibrant audio, unrivalled design quality and lasting comfort from the MA390 Universal.

  • Noise isolating Aerophonic™ earbud design
  • Durable aluminium construction
  • Model 130.8 RHA driver
  • Remote & microphone for device control on Apple, Android and more
  • Three year warranty
£19.95 Free delivery; easy returns

Upgrade Sound

Hear new levels of energy and detail from your favourite music tracks. Built around an RHA custom-engineered model 130.8 driver, the MA390 Universal delivers powerful, immersive sound with unrivalled clarity; hear your music as it was meant to sound. 

Upgrade Control

Compatible with all digital voice assistants: gain complete device control for music, calls and digital assistant functions at the click of a button. The universal remote and mic combination allow you to pause tracks, answer calls and activate all major digital assistants without having to access your device or remove your earphones. 

CLightweight aluminium housings
D Designed for clearer audio

Upgrade build

A Noise isolating design
B Shaped for lasting comfort


A. Dual material cable

B. 3.5mm input

C. 3x Dual Density silicone ear tips - S x1, M x1, L x1

D. MA390 Universal earphone

E. Mesh carry pouch

  • Dual material cable

  • 3.5mm termination

  • 3x Dual density silicone ear tips - L x1, M x1, S x1

  • MA390 Universal in-ear headphone

  • Carry Pouch



Dynamic (Model 130.8)




1.35m, dual material

Frequency Range

16 – 22,000Hz

Rated/Max Power

1 / 5 mW




16 ohms



Manufacturer's Warranty

3 Years

Frequency Response


MA390 Universal

Noise isolating in-ear headphone

  • Noise isolating, Aerophonic™ design
  • Durable aluminium build
  • Custom RHA model 130.8 driver
  • Universal remote and microphone
  • Selection of ear tips, clothing clip and carry pouch
  • Guaranteed by a three-year warranty
  • Free delivery