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    08 — 02 — 2019
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Chunyun: The World's Largest Annual Human Migration

Did you know?  Every January and February sees the largest human migration on Earth. In fact, over 3 billion people from across the globe take a break from work and study to travel to their families - sometimes for just a single day. Known as Chūn Yùn (春运)- the “Spring Rush” - this mass movement revolves around the lunar new year - or Chinese New Year – which encompasses 40 days of travel, adventure and reunion.

The spread of many families across China and beyond has meant Chūn Yùn puts an enormous strain on road, rail and air travel into China in the days leading up to New Year – with travellers queuing for more than a day to get rail tickets.

The Spring Festival marks the end of the twelfth and final revolution of the moon around the earth; the beginning of the new lunar year. This year welcomes the final animal of the Chinese Zodiac - the pig. The pig represents independence, loyalty and decisiveness as well as good fortune, which, according to the Chinese zodiac, means 2019 is the year to make important decisions and take on big challenges.

While the lunar new year is celebrated in China, Korea, Singapore, Vietnam and many other Asian countries, it’s increasingly recognised as an international day of celebration.

For those making the long journey back to their families – including two of our own colleagues (Hi Jo and Chiao!), we wish you a safe and speedy travel and:









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