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    27 — 06 — 2019
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Tech These Out - The Best Tech for Festivals (Festival Tech Hacks)

With Glastonbury already underway, festival fever is here - and with live-streaming, smart glamping, and urine-powered lights, it has been hailed as one of the most tech-filled festivals yet. Also, thanks to its partnership with UK phone network EE, Glastonbury is the first 5G-connected festival ever. Whilst this keeps the insta-snappers happy, we’ve sourced some other awesome tech that will enhance your festival fun, wherever you’re headed.


With thousands of people descending onto a sprawling and muddy campsite, it’s possible to get a bit disoriented and forget exactly which rock you pitched your tent next to. Thankfully, somebody has thought of a way to make camping life a little easier. Downloading the Tent Finder app allows you to add in your tent location via GPS, so you can easily locate and navigate. No more tent mix-ups or wandering around for hours. There’s also the added bonus of being able to add in the locations of your car or nearest toilets.


Finding a tent isn’t the only problem festival-goers encounter – sometimes we misplace our friends. Staying safe at a festival is thankfully much easier these days, much in part to do with evolving technology and how connected everyone is. Sometimes, however, over the roar of the artists your friends just don’t notice their phones ringing. That’s where the Find My Friends app comes in handy. Agreeing at the beginning of the festival to connect your accounts means that getting separated from your friends no longer means hours of searching.


With all the tent-locating and friend-finding sorted, you now have more time to take hundreds of pictures and videos and post them to your favourite social channels. EE is even predicting that more than 70 terabytes will be used up at this year’s event - which is equivalent to 784 million Instagram posts. That’s a lot of battery-draining data. Taking along a power bank ensure you’re kept topped up in between concerts. We’ve heard good things about the iMuto 20,000mAh power bank - and with that amount of juice, you’ll get a few charges of your phone. Pair this with a battery-saving app – which tells you how much power you’ll drain and on what activities – and you can be as snap-happy as you like.

The combining of tech and festivals can make your experience both better and safer. And now that we’ve recommended some of the best tech out there, it’s time to get into the festival spirit; press play on our festivals playlist, made up of the biggest headliners of 2019.