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    18 — 10 — 2018
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Kriss Kyle: Our Exclusive Interview with the Pro BMX Rider

The TrueConnect was introduced two weeks ago with a video celebrating global talent based in the UK.

One of those featured is BMX superstar Kriss Kyle. Riding from the age of ten, Kriss has dedicated his life to the sport and his drive has taken him all over the world. Receiving his first sponsorship at the age of fifteen and now riding with RedBull, Kriss talks with us about his success, music and his future.

You have been riding from a young age and BMX has always been a main focus for you. What was it like for this passion to become a career?

At 16 years old I was living at Unit 23 Skatepark. I had been riding since I was ten. My current bike sponsor spotted me and offered to pay me a small wage - I couldn’t believe it. I wasn’t just riding my bike for myself anymore, I was representing them. That pushed me harder and soon I started travelling for work. I still can’t believe it. I sit in my house and look around and can’t believe that I was lucky enough to make a living out of this. I am grateful every day that I get to ride for a living.

The videos you make are always paired with great tracks. How important is music to you for your work?

We create a lot of videos, and honestly a song can make or break a video. Each individual clip becomes one story if it comes together with the right track. It’s a key part of the creative process. If I am trying something on my bike that’s pretty scary or that I can’t bring myself to do, I put a song on that makes me feel like I can do anything, and it pushes me to go further. It gives me that extra push, to let go of the fear and get the job done. It’s the same when I’m out running or on my road bike. I push that bit harder and fight that bit more with the right song.

You have your earbuds in, getting ready to ride – what is your music of choice?

It depends what I am doing and what kind of session I am trying to have. To be honest I have crazy taste! Sometimes I could be listening to Rod Stewart, sometimes it’s Drake. It could even be Billy Idol on certain days. It totally depends on my mood. There are a lot more that I’m not mentioning that are a bit wild.

Growing up in Stranraer, you are very well-known all-over Scotland in the BMX community. What is the BMX scene like here?

When I started out it was nothing like what it is now. The scene is huge. It has been amazing to see it grow. There are so many kids out enjoying themselves and they’re really good. The other day I was up in the north of Scotland and I was blown away with the kids up there – they are so good. There are going to be big changes and lots of successful people coming up in the near future.

You work with lots of UK talent to create your videos and photography. What is that process like?

Glasgow is amazing. It’s a brilliant city to be based in. There are so many creative people. I have a mate who is an artist and he makes a living doing what he loves. I also have friends in the fashion and sports industries. There are lots of cool people roaming around the city creating incredible art.

Obviously you have to be pretty driven to make it this far, is there a BMX “Everest” that you want to conquer?

Honestly, I’m not aiming for an “Everest”. I have dreams that I want to achieve, and I’m lucky enough to already have achieved some of them. With videos for example, I have learned that I’m happy with them for around two days and then I start to look back and wonder if I could have done things better. I think that’s part of being so passionate about my work. I am just happy to be living my dream. I know I’m lucky, I get to travel the world riding my bike. Not many people are fortunate enough to have that and I am just going to enjoy it for what it is.

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