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    28 — 09 — 2018
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Our Top 7 Craft Beers & Breweries Inspired by Music

Over the ages, music has inspired some of the greatest art, literature and philosophy. In honour of the annual cultural and historical beer festival Oktoberfest, we’ve gathered together beers influenced by – or named for – musicians and their creations, and tested them.
For science!

Robinsons’ - Trooper

In short, Iron Maiden Beer; genuinely brewed in collaboration with Bruce Dickinson. A fairly traditional English style made more interesting with English, US and Slovenian hops. Brewed for a song that is itself inspired by the Charge of the Light Brigade.

Review: malty, sweet, light, evokes the feeling of life in the trenches.

Left Handed Giant – Secret Treaties

Brewed in Bristol, UK, Secret Treaties shares a name with the Blue Öyster Cult’s third (of 14!) studio album. It’s a thick, cloudy, juicy, golden pale ale. We got lychees, but seemingly nobody else did.
There are beers that actually contain oysters. Fortunately, this is not one of them.

Review: Secretive. Not blue.

Foam Brewers - Peel Session

A limited edition, juicy draft beer from Vermont, named in memory of the iconic BBC presenter and paragon of musical exploration, John Peel. It’s brewed with blood oranges (get it?) and piney Mosiac hops.

Review: creative, original, open-minded.

Birdsong - Lazy Bird Brown

Old style, new twists; kind of like John Coltrane. An American Brown ale –  zesty lemon and deep roasted malt flavours. Mainly American hops, much like the man himself.

Review: smooth, easy, jazzy.

Tighthead - Scarlet > Fire

Named for two Grateful Dead tracks, Scarlet Begonias and Fire on the Mountain, often played back-to-back live, with trademark amazing improv bridging the songs. Anyway, the beer is an award-winning Irish Red that uses American yeast.

Review: sweet, full, grateful, dead.

Fierce - Pina Colada Scream

A Scottish brewery! The can specifically namechecks Barry Manilow, even though the original song (actually called ‘Escape’, but known as ‘The Pina Colada Song’) was by Rupert Holmes. We’ll forgive this transgression, though, because the beer smells and tastes exactly like pina colada-flavoured ice cream, which is pleasant.

Review: like getting caught in the rain, if it was raining coconuts and pineapples.

Yeastie Boys - Pot Kettle Black

The brewery name and beer name make this a twofer. Sharing name with a song by Wilco, Pot Kettle Black is an award-winning porter, combining the freshness and fruitiness of New Zealand Cascade hops (the brewery is based in NZ) with the colour and weight of stout.

Review: admittedly we couldn’t get hold of this, but - given the brewery is named ‘Yeastie Boys’ (and has a brace of awards) - this has to be great.

There are plenty more for us to find and review during Oktoberfest; let us know if there are any you think we’ve missed (and send them to us)! Wishing you an enjoyable and responsible Oktober.