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    07 — 02 — 2018
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Using voice recognition & digital assistants with RHA headphones

With digital assistants rising and voice recognition in prominence in your everyday tech, you can control your phone, devices and even home using any RHA headphone with a mic and remote.

Google Assistant, Siri, Cortana, Alexa, Bixby: digital assistants come bundled with a vast amount of devices that you’ll use throughout the day. While very handy for managing your phone, tablet or computers’ functions, more commonly some of these assistants can be integrated into your home, allowing multi-room music and lighting control, even heating and cooking.

Holding down the centre button (play/pause/skip/answer) on any RHA headphone with a remote opens your device’s default assistant without having to retrieve or unlock it; which will then listen and respond to any voice command.

Some useful voice commands:

  • ‘Set volume to 60%’ – adjusts device volume to the requested level; useful for devices out of reach, or headphone remotes without volume control buttons
  • ‘Open Spotify and play my Smooth Jazz playlist’ – opens the Spotify music app and starts any named playlist, album or artist
  • ‘Call Mum’ – calls the number associated with ‘Mum’ in your phone’s contact list
  • ‘What’s the weather/time in Glasgow?’ – retrieves and reads local information about any named location
  • ‘Get me to Heathrow Airport using public transport’ – works out the quickest and best route using the requested method to a location of your choosing

This list is by no means exhaustive – experiment with your digital assistant’s functions to see what it’s capable of!

All RHA headphones that feature mic and remotes are compatible with digital assistants.