The Team have learned new "skills"


Over the last few weeks we’ve shared the Team’s album recommendations, gaming habits and lockdown TV-binging. This week we ask ‘but are you doing anything, you know, useful?’. It turns out they are! From perfecting sourdough to… building an AI (?!) – here’s how we’re using our time to learn something new.

Film Photography

Abbey, Social

MicrosoftTeams-image (1)

I’m learning more about the camera, the film, and how to take pictures properly! I’m looking forward to being back out in the world so I can get my film developed and see if it even worked…

Distributed Computing

Rowland, Developer and Future Founder of Cyberdyne Systems

Distributed computing is dividing up a long and complicated task into small chunks. You then getting get several computers - Rasperry Pis in this case - to process these tasks simultaneously, hence reducing the overall time.

German on Duolingo

Lorna, PR and Frenemy of Waschbären

I've been meaning to learn German for a while since a raccoon jumped through the car window when I was visiting Germany a few years ago. I haven't yet learned how to say "A raccoon smashed through the car window", but I do know how to order two wines, and I suppose that's what is important. The German word for raccoon is waschbär, if you were wondering.

Home-Brewing Beer

Colum, Dogsbody

I've been doing this for a while, but I this time I used the 'dry-hopping' method for the first time which is when zzZ...

IMG_20161214_191858_Colum Fraser

The best thing about home-brewing is that at the end of it you have 20 litres of tasty (hopefully) beer, which is A Good Thing whether or not the world is... you know.

Amateur Hairdressing

Alex, Software and Soft-Hair

I started doing this because my son's hair got too long, and all hairdressers are closed. TO BE HONEST I can't see myself continuing to grow this skill once the hairdressers are open. I am not very good at it.

Baking in all its Forms

Rebecca, Global Partner Sales (Raising Dough)

20200503_153108_Rebecca Tobin

Category is bread, but make it fancy. I have made it my mission to make bread - sourdough to focaccia - from scratch. It also makes it acceptable to eat all the cheese. It’s delightfully satisfying and a great stress reliever. My next mission is pizza dough from scratch.


Chris, Global Ecommerce and Aspiring Sommelier

Wine Book_Christopher Wallace

Wine is a wonderful elixir made from grapes. It's basically fruit juice. I’m learning more about fruit juice. This knowledge will be useful for years to come. Fruit is very important.

See! We’ve been putting our time at home to (arguably) good use! Let us know what you’ve been working on in your time off. And remember – if you ever need any tips, ask your digital assistant*.

*RHA is not responsible for any weird food, alternative facts or forest fires that may result from consulting a digital assistant.

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