From the Team: Adapting to Life at Home


When is a flight adapter not a flight adapter? When we announced our Bluetooth adapter – catchily titled Wireless Flight Adapter – last summer, we did not expect that we were releasing it into a world where flights would be all but grounded, for an indefinite period, within 9 months. If we had, we would have called it something else.

Thankfully, it has a bunch of other uses during your working from, and living at, home experience. It’s an anxious time, and we all need distractions: yesterday we put to the call out to our teams across Glasgow to see what they’ve been using the Adapter for.

Unfortunately, they answered.

  1. Mute Animal Crossing!
  2. You can use the Adapter in a Nintendo Switch’s audio socket to stream audio to your wireless headphones. This is useful for both:

    • people who want to use wireless headphones with their Switch
    • people already tired of hearing the various ‘BWOOP’ and ‘WOO-OO’ noises from across the room

    Earn imaginary money for your racoon-landlord-with-an-unsustainable-at-best-business-model in peace!

  3. Watch A Noisy Movie Together!
  4. Have kids? Neighbours complain about every tiny noise? Neighbours have kids? Do your neighbours kids complain about every tiny noise? The Adapter can plug into your TV or laptop, and - with a tap – send sound to two headphones AT THE SAME TIME. So you can watch even the loudest Disney+ musical without waking everyone up, or being passive-aggressively messaged. Also works with Mario Kart on the Switch, but it’s impossible to play that without shouting at people.

  5. Upgrade Your Bad Work Laptop!
  6. If your office has sent you home with something that’s one technological step forward from steam-powered, it either has no Bluetooth or bad Bluetooth. Use the Adapter! Plug, pair, play; now you just need to convince whatever late-90s version of Windows you’re running to work with Spotify.

  7. Rediscover Your Terrible Music!
  8. Got an iPod that you haven’t looked at since you switched to wireless? Get it out the drawer and use our Adapter to stream ‘Kyle’s 2005 Partay Mix’ in glorious high-fidelity to your true wireless earbuds. Re-experience Train’s Drops Of Jupiter while you work out in your living room! Immerse yourself in Eiffel 65’s Blue as you clean the kitchen, again!

RHA is in no way affiliated with Nintendo. The views expressed here about Tom Nook’s business plan do not necessarily reflect RHA’s opinion.

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