Premium 3.5mm Aux Stereo Cable

1.5m Male to Male 3.5mm Aux Cable

Premium 3.5mm Aux Stereo Cable

RHA's premium stereo cable is inspired by the materials, design and construction of the acclaimed MA750 in-ear headphone, providing premium quality sound a lasting durability.

$29.95 Free delivery with any headphone

All RHA cables are assembled from premium, highly conductive materials. Oxygen-free copper, used in cable cores, is highly durable; both resisting stress and strain from everyday use, and degradation over time.

RHA's stereo cable uses the knurled and reinforced 303F stainless steel connector housings inspired by the premium MA750i in-ear headphone. The cable connection is sprung to protect against stress from shear.

The 3.5mm connections are coated in gold, a highly conductive metal resistant to degradation over time.